Introduction: EventAdministrator aims to allow users to set events that will run automatically on a recurring time while regenerating the event before each run. It can handle mob spawning and will have certain conditions to trigger event completion. The regeneration allows for destructible event types.

Commands / Permissions:

Instructions (v1.18b):

Triggers (v1.00a+):

  • Event schedules (i.e. spawning, messages) will end when any boss spawned for that event is killed or when the event timer has run out, which ever comes first. NOTE: You do not have to specify a boss for an event.

Files (v1.97a+):

  • config.yml
  • Each event will have it's own YAML file as well as it's own schematic file.

Dependencies (v1.00b+):

Video of a running event using this plug-in (Not a tutorial. Sorry.):

Upcoming Features:

  • Custom mob items.
  • Looking for suggestions.




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