Want to have a fun event with your players, but it's too hard to get them all to one spot? Event solves this! You can create an event that allows all users with the correct permission to teleport in! Offer rewards for players that get first to third or just have one for fun, Event covers all of this! Save events and load them at a later time, the possibilities are endless!


Basic Commands

Commands - Nodes - Description

  • /event help - Opens a help page.
  • /event join - Joins an active event.
  • /event help admin - Opens an admin help page
  • /event start <name> <description> - Opens an event with a given name and description. Use underscores ( _ ) instead of spaces in the name and description. No awards are given in this type of event.
  • /event start <name> <description> <1st prize> <2nd prize> <3rd prize> - Opens an event with a given name and description. Use underscores (_) instead of spaces in the name and description. Awards are money given through the /event award command.
  • /event award <username> <place (1:2:3)> - Awards the given prize money to the given username
  • /event ban <username> - Bans the given user from joining the current event. NOT A SERVER BAN
  • /event unban <username> - Unbans the given user from the current event.NOT A SERVER UNBAN
  • /event end - Ends the current event.
  • /event spectate - Spectate an event (v1.1)
  • /event ss - Sets the spectator spawnpoint. (v1.1)

Advanced Commands

  • /event msg <message> - Sends an event message to all event participants.
  • /event gmsg <message> - Sends a prefixed event broadcast to all online users.
  • /event save - Saves the current event to /event loadlist.
  • /event load <save name> - Opens a previously saved event.
  • /event delete <save name> - Deletes a previously saved event.
  • /event loadlist - Displays all events that can be loaded.
  • /event reload - Reloads the config.yml.


  • /event help - event.help
  • /event join - event.join
  • /event spectate - event.spectate (v1.1)
  • /event ss - event.admin.ss (v1.1)
  • /event help admin - event.admin.help
  • /event start <name> <description> - event.admin.start.no-award
  • /event start <name> <description> <1st prize> <2nd prize> <3rd prize> - event.admin.start.with-award
  • /event award <username> <place (1:2:3)> - event.admin.award
  • /event ban <username> - event.admin.ban
  • /event unban <username> - event.admin.unban
  • /event end - event.admin.end
  • /event msg <message> - event.admin.message
  • /event gmsg <message> - event.admin.gmessage
  • /event save - event.admin.save
  • /event load <save name> - event.admin.load
  • /event delete <save name> - event.admin.delete
  • /event loadlist - event.admin.loadlist
  • /event reload - event.admin.reload


You probably won't need to touch the config.yml. But, for you advanced config people out there, I have a provided an in-depth array of configuration options.

Chat Options

These are the messages that are sent to the players. The bracketed {} information is only usable where defaultly available, if that makes sense. For instance, if the default message doesn't have {PLAYERNAME} in it, you can't put it in there. Make sure to surround each message with the ' symbol.


You can create your own saves, it should be self-explanatory. Try to copy the exact format, otherwise it won't work.

Planned Features

  • Console Command Capability
  • Give items as rewards
  • Multiple event compatibility


I make these plugins out of my free time, not as my job. I do not expect monetary compensation for my work. If you feel the need to support this project, please instead give to those in need. http://www.kiva.org/about


Constructive suggestions are appreciated! :)


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