Creepers, lava, heights - all are deadly to wolves. Until science breeds a supernatural wolf that can fly and shoot lasers out of its eyes, this plugin does the next best thing - make them invincible!


  • Makes tamed wolves invulnerable to all kinds of damage
  • Restricts the number of wolves each player may own (default 5 per world) to help with game balance
  • Release your wolves back into the wild by left-clicking on them while holding a bone
  • Find out who owns a wolf by right-clicking it while holding a bone
  • Call your wolves to you with the /call-wolves command
  • Bukkit permissions support

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  • You can restrict the number of wolves each player is allowed to tame per world by setting the max_wolves option within config.yml. By default, each player is allowed a maximum of 5 wolves per world.
  • You can remove the restriction altogether by setting max_wolves to -1, although this is not recommended.


EternalWolf uses the official Bukkit permissions system. Any permissions plugin compatible with Bukkit permissions will be compatible with this plugin.

The following permission nodes are available. The default permissions are shown in brackets.

  • eternalwolf.invincible_wolves (everybody) - Makes the player's wolves invincible when they are logged in (all tamed wolves are invincible if their owner is offline)
  • eternalwolf.call_wolves (everybody) - Allows the player to use the /call-wolves command
  • eternalwolf.releaseownwolves (everybody) - Allows the player to release their own wolves
  • eternalwolf.releaseotherwolves (ops only) - Allows the player to release any other player's wolves
  • eternalwolf.check_owner (everybody) - Allows the user to check who owns a wolf
  • eternalwolf.manywolves (ops only) - Allows the user to tame as many wolves as they like (bypassing the maxwolves option)


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