Estate.jar V0.91


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    Nov 27, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2



Updated for MC 1.4.5

If you're updating from V0.9, This will automatically update your plots.yml

  1. Added built in economy system - /estateeco
  2. Added /estatesign command (Will simply put a sign in the users inventory)
  3. Added /estatepos1 and /estatepos2 commands (Alternative to using the /estatetool)
  4. Added /estatetool as a replacment for worldedit
  5. Removed WorldEdit as a dependency
  6. Removed the need for a economy plugin
  7. Added /estateeco sell (For selling diamond, iron, gold and emeralds to make money)
  8. Added /estateeco pay (For paying other users money directly)
  9. Added colored console messages
  10. Added built in auto updater
  11. Added Estate V0.9 plot importer (Automatic)
  12. Removed access to doors, chests and other such things while on an estate
  13. Added /estateconfig command (For setting Max setting and EstateTool setting in the config)
  14. Added Server Owned Estates, Just use "[AdminPlot]" instead of a username
  15. Added better error handling
  16. Added better thread handling
  17. Improved functionality