This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


EssentialsKitEditor will be discontinued until Essentials updates the way they manage their kits. Plugin will return with the release of Essentials 3.0

EssentialsKitEdit is an add-on to Essentials that gives admins full control over the kits that they and players use.

I have originally seen this request countless times on various websites ranging from DevBukkit Plugin Requests to Minecraft Forums and haven't seen anything (yet) that does exactly this.

It has been brought up to my attention that the comments in the Essentials config are being deleted. I apologize and will try to fix this issue in the next release.


USE /ke instead of /kitedit for easier use

  • /kitedit: Display help.
  • /kitedit list: Display list of kits AND lists all lines and info about a kit
  • /kitedit select <kitNumber or kitName/clear>: Select kitName or Clear Current Selection.
  • /kitedit clear: Clear Current Selection.
  • /kitedit add <line>: Add Line to Selected Kit.
  • /kitedit remove <lineNumber>: Removes the number of the line from the Selected Kit
  • /kitedit edit <lineNumber> <newLine>: Replaces the line given by lineNumber with newLine.
  • /kitedit save: Force-Save Essentials Config file.
  • /kitedit removekit <name/id>: Removes any kits called <name> or removes the kit ID from list.
  • /kitedit addkit <name> [-i]: Adds a new kit. Adding "-i" will automatically convert full inventory into a new kit (instead of adding a kit manually).
  • /kitedit append <lineNumber> <lineAddition>: Adds lineAddition to the end of the lineNumber.
  • /kitedit setdelay <delay>: Sets the delay of the selected kit.


  • essentialskitedit.add:
  • essentialskitedit.remove:
  • essentialskitedit.edit:
  • essentialskitedit.setdelay:
  • essentialskitedit.addkit:
  • essentialskitedit.removekit:
  • essentialskitedit.append:
  • essentialskitedit.*: Allows use of all commands


  • Use /ke list
  • Pick a kit using /ke select <name or number of kit>
  • Use /ke list (again)

Then use any of the following:

  • Use /ke setdelay <number> (to set delay)
  • Use /ke add <newline> (to add a new line)
  • Use /ke remove <line number> (to remove a line)



  • Essentials (obviously)
  • Optional - Metrics (please use Metrics if possible, would greatly help track stats)

Source Code

  • Available in jar

Bugs and Feature Requests

  • Please report bugs below, feel free to comment and use the following template:
  1. Version:
  2. Steps to Reproduce:


  • Look for more bugs


As said in the video, the setdelay bug has been fixed.

Also, if you have a good idea for a way to make this plugin better, drop in a comment and I'll try add in as many useful features as I can. '



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