main/How to get Help

First lets categorize your problem:

  • A: Something won't work!! FIX IT!!!111 go to step 1
  • B: There is an error in my server log/console, can you help me with it? go to step 3
  • C: I have a feature suggestion or does Essentials supports this and that? go to step 6 if you have checked the wiki
  • D: My permissions / group manager won't work. go to step Perm1

Step 1

  • Calm down.
  • Make sure your problem is reproduceable, does it happen on every server restart or on every command use?
  • Is Essentials and bukkit the latest recommended version?
  • You can check the versions using "/version" and "/version Essentials"

Step 2

  • Check if Essentials loads correctly. Stop your server, rename server.log and start it again.
  • If it happens on command use, type the command in game or in console.

Step 3

  • If Essentials crashes on server start, it is most likely that your config is broken. Check the header of the file for more info on how to configure it. You can check your yaml files here:
  • Check server.log for errors, they start with SEVERE (or sometimes translated to your language). All lines after the error are important, it's called a stack trace and it helps us to find the error in our code.
  • If you don't get an error in the log file, but a command won't work, turn on debug in config.yml.

Step 4

  • If it's a startup problem, copy the whole startup log, otherwise copy the error and the following lines. Paste the log to a website like
  • You will need to give us the link to the paste.

Step 5

  • Join the Essentials Chat
  • Say hello and directly ask your question or tell us your problem, if noone is responding in at least 5 minutes, come back later. Be patient.
  • Check if someone with a star or speaker after their name is online in the Chat (except Lain, EsperBot or lukegb)
  • If noone can help you and you have been there for at least 3 times, move to step 6

Step 6

  • Create a ticket in our ticket system.
  • Add the error log, if you have one.
  • Remember your ticket number.
  • Come back some days later and check for replies from the developers.
  • Tickets will be closed after 2 weeks, if we need a reply by you.

Step Perm1

  • Check if your files are correct.
  • If you are using Group Manager, make sure, that the server is not running while you modify the files. You can check your yaml files here:
  • Go to step 5