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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R1.0


This file is one part of the Essentials suite.
To find out more visit our wiki.

Changes since Pre 2.12.6:

  • Updated for CB 1.6.2 Release Build
  • Bug Fix - Fix case sensitivity on {PLAYERLIST:group}
  • Bug Fix - Fix handling max warp pages

Changes since 2.11.1:

  • New Feature - Allow alternative chapter/bookmark names in info files
  • New Feature - /ci allow selective item removing from players
  • New Feature - Allow placing predefined spawners: /i spawner:50
  • New Feature - Add {TEAMPREFIX} {TEAMSUFFIX} and {TEAMNAME} to chat formatting.
  • New Feature - Configurable max nick length
  • New Feature - /worth expansion and allow /worth all
  • New Feature - Custom text commands - You can now make commands such as /vote or /website by aliasing the /customtext command.
  • New Feature - When teleporting with godmode+fly or when in creative, Essentials wont use 'safe teleport'.
  • Update - Update Locale files
  • Update - Support more flexible Locale syntax, and translation engine
  • Update - Add prefix/suffix support for zPermissions
  • Update - Add horse spawning
  • Update - Add full metadata syntax help "/spawnmob mob:"
  • Update - Allow 'No one listening' messages to be configured via Locale file
  • Update - Allow all TL messages to be supressed via Locale file
  • Update - Show IP bans in /seen <ip>
  • Update - /tpahere now uses the location of the player when they type the command, rather than their 'current' location
  • Update - Some extra aliases for essentials commands
  • Update - Add COORDS, UPTIME and TPS manual file keywords
  • Update - Add support for {PLAYERLIST:GROUP} AND {PLAYERLIST:GROUP:<none>} manual file keywords
  • Update - Add support for coloured authors on books
  • Update - Optimize keyword replacer so we don't waste time parsing unused keywords
  • Bug Fix - Better handle {PARAM} so unused tags don't get automatically converted to [PARAM]
  • Bug Fix - Fix socialspy syntax
  • Bug Fix - Don't drop oversized stacks if user doesn't have access to spawn oversized stacks
  • Bug Fix - Handle inventory stacking permission issue
  • Bug Fix - Fix /sethome others handling when you don't have permission.
  • Bug Fix - Fix some obscure error messages
  • Bug Fix - Fix NPE when using /back before a player has teleported
  • Bug Fix - Fix bug caused when someone added 'air' to kits
  • Bug Fix - Let essentials alt command handler, handle tab complete
  • Bug Fix - Fixed colour code escaping in chat: &&6 -> &6
  • Bug Fix - Don't allow buying partial item sets via trade signs.
  • Bug Fix - Fix negative item stacks
  • Permission - essentials.spawnerconvert.<mobname> - Allow placing predefined spawners
  • Permission - essentials.vanish.others - Allows toggling vanish for other players
  • Permission - essentials.mute.offline - Allows the muting of offline players
  • Permission - essentials.customtext - Allows access to customtext commands