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    Aug 8, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0
  • CB 1.3.1-R1.0


Change Log:
  • Fix /top so that glass counts as a real block.
  • Fix tp permissions check to check player typing command not teleportee.
    If you don't want players inviting players to other worlds, do not give them<currentworld>
  • Correct material for beds
  • Fix right click on signs
  • Test the places around the location first, then go up
  • Fix teleports on beds
  • Prevent errors in listeners affecting EssentialsChat
  • Just don't use nio, this might be slower.
  • Move FileChannel inside the loop
  • Throw exception after 5 attempts
  • Try to fix interrupt problem.
  • Fix /gamemode 2 playername
  • More thread safety
  • Thread safety for XMPP
  • Make chat handling more thread safe (and also faster)
  • Synchronized chatStore
  • Ignore case on /gm command
  • Another fix for /exp
  • New exp calculations.
  • Fix broken output of /itemdb
  • Fix "x times" on signs.
  • Prevent that Essentials breaks other plugins signs
  • Fix version in
  • Added swedish translation (from 3.0 branch)
  • Ignore players, that don't have an IP
  • Another NPE fix for bots
  • Fix minor Exp discrepancy
    Add 'l<level>' syntax to /exp command
    EG: /exp set l20
  • Fix /day /night /sun and /storm aliases to actually set to the current status if used without parameters.
    fixes #2365
  • Don't show two error messages on [kit] signs.
    Fixes #2508
  • Fix CB.
  • Updating CB:
    CB: 2317 Bukkit 1521
  • Don't bomb if userMap isn't initialized.
  • New Sign: Info
    Syntax: [info] / [chapter] / [page number] / [cost]
  • New Sign: Repair
    Syntax: [repair] / <hand|all> / [cost]
  • New command: /workbench (aliases /wb and /wbench)
    Permission: essentials.workbench
  • Default value for [gamemode] sign
    New syntax: [gamemode] / <mode> / [price]
  • Recommit Keep Exp on death permission
    Permission: essentials.keepxp
    Code by Iaccidentially.
  • Add small optimization tweak to new safe block function.
  • Remove debugging messages.
  • Try to do a little better when searching for safe teleport locations.
  • Add missing triggers from /mute block list
  • Better error report on malformed GlobalGroups.
  • Fix GlobalGroups not loading permission nodes.
  • Ignore stupid plugins which add empty permission nodes.
  • Fix mirroring now we are not using any Bukkit methods.
  • Stop using the YamlConfiguration in bukkit for our config handling. We
    can now support periods in world names.
  • Fix a cases sensitivity bug in world loading.
  • Change to our own Yaml parsing for globalgroups instead of using the
    YAMLConfiguration class in bukkit.
  • If a permission is found return the correct node for mangcheckp (not
  • Stop force removing attachments and let Bukkit handle it's own mess.
  • Throw a better error than 'null' when someone removes all groups from a
  • Ignore any sub folders in the Worlds folder which start with a period
    (fix for storing data in svn respoitories).
  • Fix loading users with only numerals in their names to be seen as
  • Only output a Data update message if something has changed.
  • update with new workbench node
  • update permissions to include new nodes
  • Clean up spaces in config. Please don't break this in the future, this is the second fix guys.
  • Fix issue with cross world local chat.
  • update gc for all worlds (thanks to Yofel)
  • update 2.9 item.csv for 1.3 (changes by necrodoom)
  • KeepXp fixed.
  • add essentials.keepxp to allow a player to keep their level after death.
  • Fix critical flaw in permissions removal.

    Potential for removing the removal entirely but this can be figured out later.

  • Change PlayerChatEvent to AsyncPlayerChatEvent
  • Switching the syntax of gamemode /gm mode player and adding mode aliases

    Fixing translation keys
    Fix plugin.yml gamemode syntax

  • Updates to gamemode command, mode is now mandatory [creative|survival|adventure]
    Updates to gamemode sign, now requires another line with gamemode
  • Check the player we are bringing has permission to enter the world vs the initiating user
  • Adding enchantment aliases for fire protection