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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0
  • CB 1.2.4-R1.0


Change Log:
  • New translation messages
  • Update default permissions.
  • Update to CB #2126 B #1425
    Min CB version changed to 2122
  • Try to reduce lag caused by join spam.
  • Adding world permission checks to:
    tpaall tpall tpahere tphere tpohere
    User is required to have the permission for the world he is in, before he can teleport users outside this world, to it.
  • Clarify how backup works.
    Add option for auto save-all.
  • Update tp to check if target player has tptoggle disabled.
    Update tpo to allow player to player tp.
  • Don't show 'backup started' on /backup if it hasn't been configured.
  • Don't override other plugins which allow joining over capacity.
  • Update [balance] sign to use currency formatting.
  • Invsee now shows a live player inventory in a window, rather than cloning players inventory.
    New Permission: essentials.invsee.modify - Player with this permission will be able to add/remove items from the other players inventory.
  • New permission check: essentials.list.hidden is now required to /getpos hidden players.
  • Extra itemcsv.
  • Make sure items don't stack wrong in [free] signs.
  • Help command refresh.
  • Adding missing entities to Protect Spawn Blacklist
  • Improve kit matching, and add enchantments.
    Enchanted kit example in config.yml
  • New command: /fly
    New perm:
  • Split formatting perms for signs as well.
  • New Permission:
    Without this perm, URLs will be modified not to be links.
  • Split colour permissions into 3: color/magic/format
  • Extra items in 1.2.4
  • Add villager professions to /spawnmob
  • Update missing 1.2.3 items in items.csv
  • Extra Trees
  • Add 'color' sign type to config file.
    Enforce colour permission on signs when essentials signs are enabled.
  • Missing kit time check from [kit] signs.
  • Only show nickname update message in debug mode.
  • Shorten help messages.
  • New permission: - Allows players to /tp <p1> <p2> replaces old reused permission.
    New permission usage: if world-teleport-permissions is true in the config, TP commands will now check for<worldname> when a tp would switch worlds.
  • Adding Exp to /whois, shows total exp and ingame level.
    Due to the way minecraft calculates levels (flawed formula), its possible to not match calculated level.
  • Adding reference to &k in MOTD.
  • Handle permission check failures better.
  • Fix fake explosions.
  • Make /nuke drop tnt from a more reasonable height.
  • Make /spawner errors more descriptive.
  • Add metric opt out toggle ingame.
  • Add Griefcraft metrics to Essentials
    Warns on first start, and first staff join, and 5 minute warning before logging starts.
  • Fixing warp command costs.
  • New permission: essentials.seen.banreason
    With this permission players can see why a user was banned, in /seen.
  • Adding jail time to /whois.
  • Update offline user check.
    Add ban reason to /seen
  • Update setworth to allow /setworth <price> ingame
    Allow /setworth to be used from console.
  • New Permission: essentials.lightning.others
    With this permission you can use /lightning <player>, without only strike based on direction.
  • Add Enderman check to EntityChangeEvent (Should fix sheep eating grass).
  • Use ignoreCancelled on event registration.
  • Update info.txt to hint at /einfo.
  • Fixing spawnmob count.
  • Add listgroups as TL key
  • Apply colors to group tags.
  • Build custom mob list /spawnmob
  • Adding starter/newbie kit to EssentialsSpawn
    Optimization to EssentialsSpawn join event.
  • Extra command alias.
  • Allow more currency customization.
    Added currency key to messages.
  • Adding option to modify all users balances (including offline) /eco reset ** <amount>
  • Force all kits to lowercase.
  • Only update displayname on world change, not every teleport.
  • Make the antioch message optional.
  • Shouldn't really be canceling events at priority monitor, oops.
  • Fix isAffordableFor in Trade class

    This fixes buy signs giving out items, when the player has permission, but min-money in config is set to 0.
  • Adds pvp protection after teleport
  • Fix utf-8 decoding problems.
  • Fix UTF8 handling in Configuration class
  • Better cats
  • Fix world heights
  • New eggs
  • New Entities and Items for 1.2
  • update default player-commands to support new and missed commands
  • add little babbys
  • Adding permissions for overwriting exisitng warps

    essentials.warp.overwrite.[warpname] will allow overwrting of exsiting warps
    essentials.warp.overwrite.* for all warps
    Adding WarpNotFoundException class