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    Mar 10, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R7


Change Log:
  • Change starter kit to default to stone tools
  • Temp fix to disable version check on R7
  • Craftbukkit/Bukkit R7
  • Missed one.
  • Fixing spawnmob count.
  • Add listgroups as TL key
  • Apply colors to group tags.
  • Build custom mob list /spawnmob
  • CME
  • Adding starter/newbie kit to EssentialsSpawn
    Optimization to EssentialsSpawn join event.
  • Extra command alias.
  • Allow more currency customization.
    Added currency key to messages.
  • Adding option to modify all users balances (including offline) /eco reset ** <amount>
  • Capital case for formatting.
  • Force all kits to lowercase.
  • *make it look like i'm doing something*
  • I think switches are better.
  • Only update displayname on world change, not every teleport.
  • Extra command aliases
  • Make the antioch message optional.
  • Shouldn't really be canceling events at priority monitor, oops.
  • Don't think we need animation event anymore.
  • I dont think free noteblocks are a good idea
  • Fix op colours, which KHobbits broke!
  • update for the new bukkit download link (ci.bukkit,org no longer works)