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    Mar 1, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R6


Change Log:
  • Fix kit timers resetting on server restart.
  • Fix version matching.
  • Adding option to log all eco api transactions.
  • Prevent EssSpawn trying to handle spawning of jailed players.
  • Change jail listener to catch respawn at Highest
  • Display users new balance on /eco give/take.
  • Add Minimum Balance, to allow people to manage overdrafts.
  • Write to user files less, on money update.
  • Balance top now has server total on first line.
    Balance top will update ess balance backup if using register/vault eco.
  • Fixing upgrade script to allow powertool upgrade.
  • Extra command aliases.
  • Powertools dispatch commands as delayed tasks (should reduce any conflict issues).
  • Switch powertools to use different event.
    Reduce multiple triggering of powertool events.
    Abort event when used with powertool.
  • Fix /sudo message display.
  • Add bPerm2 support for chat prefixes.
  • Little bit of extra info in the default /einfo file
  • Re-allow colours in newb welcome messages.
  • Fixing being charged twice for /back.
  • /spawnmob - Only list mobs you have permission to spawn.
  • Allow charges for different mob types in /spawner
  • Add per warp command costs
    Make warp other commands charge the commander, not the warped.
  • Update trade signs properly, and visibly handle full signs.
  • New Permission: essentials.sudo.exempt
    If a user has this perm, they cannot be controlled.
  • Optional argument to /ping [message]- Message to be echo'd.
    Possible use in scripts, checking for lag, /sudo, etc.
  • Fixing silly typo - Fixes shout costs.
  • Fix exploit with /tpaccept if sender no longer has permission