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    Jan 29, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R1


Change Log:
  • Prevent /home bed, if the bed was later destroyed.
  • Fixing Kill/suicide in creative mode.
  • New craftbukkit
    CB 1840, B 1208
  • Optional second argument to /tpaccept, it will only accept the request if the sender matched that string.
  • Switch /near priority to check for int first.
    Test #1269
  • Make sure player is online when sending a /reply.
  • Prevent disabled sign creation (if any of essentials signs are enabled)
  • Disable all signs by default.
  • Added options to enable each sign type
  • Only list bed home if it is set.
  • Allow space as well as : in /delhome
  • Stop users from using /sethome bed
  • If bed home is set, give priority when spawning.
  • Check bed still exist, for bed homes.
  • If vault throws an exception, it should not be enabled.
  • Adding translation keys for [L] and [Spy]
  • Check shout/question messages are longer than 1 character.
  • Fix EssChat displayname error.
  • Compiled regex is faster.
  • Reduce duplicate calls in EssentialsChat
    Should cut the time down a little.
  • Stripping vanilla colour from /helpop and /mail
    Adding support for &k in EssChat
    Adding support for colour in /msg and /r - New perm: essentials.msg.color
  • Stripping vanilla colours from /msg
  • Adding support for Vault as a fallback economy method.
  • Allowing use of aliases in help/info/motd, for command suggestions.
    Test #1441
  • Fixing double charges on /home
    Test #1426
  • Adjusting default spawn behavior.
    Moving option in config file.
  • Fix players retaining permissions when demoted.
  • fix for an iterator error if there is only one element in the array.
  • Cache MessageFormats for Chat
  • Shorter names for enchantment signs.
  • Fix /nick command colors
  • Strip colors from chat, if the user does not have the permission.
  • Optimize TextInput to cache motd and info textfiles.
  • Optimize Break in Protect
  • Speed improvements for Move and Interact Event.
  • Reload less
  • Temporary fix for Spawns and Jails when Worlds are loaded after Essentials.

    This will be replaced by BetterLocation fix in 3.0 branch
  • Add new eggs to items.csv
  • Added the new Enchantments
  • Only info not a warning if a file is missing
  • Correctly match release and non release versions of bukkit.
  • Fix sending our player object to other plugins.
  • Fix double names in /balancetop and show display name in balancetop
  • Don't try to spawn users who have disconnected before we have a chance to spawn them
  • Add new permission essentials.protect.alerts.notrigger

    If user has this permisson they do not trigger EssProtect block alerts
  • No sending to all players, must specify target.
  • i18n added to command nuke