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    Dec 14, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


Change Log:
  • Renamed /butcher to /killall and fixes to the code.
  • Better exp fix and allow exp on buy and sell signs.
  • Disabling exp as currency. Normal money will be used.
  • Fix sorting of users in /who
  • Fix broken charge for shout and question
  • Fix Jails not loaded after server start.
  • /home sends the player to bed again before it tries to respawn.
  • Allow to set the Respawn priority in config.
  • Fix Enchant sign, the user has to hold the item in hand now. A * or "any" in the second line allows to enchant all possible items.
  • New config option disable-item-pickup-while-afk, defaults to true.
  • Banned moved from /whois to /seen
  • SnakeYaml now ignores additional mapping values in files, so it throws less errors.
  • Fix I18n file not loading from Essentials folder, when the locale is not defined in config.
  • Fix /mail sendall, fixes #1209
  • /balancetop now has pages instead of max argument

    Test #1210
  • Support for experience as trading goods on signs. This will not work until experience is fixed in Bukkit.
  • Updated /near and /getpos command, added new argument playername

    Test #1214
  • Added /jail /ejail alias to plugin.yml
  • Prevent some rare cases of NPE and Deadlocks, better error handling on yaml load
  • Updated EssentialsSpawn to use the new config code

    /spawn and /home now call the PlayerRespawnEvent to make it more compatible with other plugins.
  • Check if the item can be enchanted.
  • utf8 encoding
  • Readded because of popular demand: default-stack-size for /give and /item, values below 1 return max stack size (or oversized stack size).
  • Ignore teleport cooldown on /tjail
  • Added missing steps to items.csv (by andrewkm from
  • Fix some rare cases, where adding an item to inventory could result in an infinite loop.
  • Allow oversized stacks in kits.
  • Added missing [player] to plugin.yml
  • New permission essentials.spawn.others
  • Added null check to /break
  • Less use of sqrt
  • New config options repair-enchanted (default true) and permission
  • Allows to be teleported to bed location of offline players.
    Also adds missing return in /home command
  • Added new tags to info.txt
  • Updated items.csv by michaelwm from
  • Allow EssentialsProtect to go into emergency mode, if Essentials core is not present at all.
  • If Essentials core fails to read one of the configs now, it will disable itself. If other modules detect that Essentials is not enabled, they will be disabled too. EssentialsProtect will go into emergency mode, canceling all events that could hurt your world. Fix the file and either restart or reload the server.
  • New config option update-bed-at-daytime that allows players to always set their bed location
  • Fix /balancetop, cache was not cleared
  • mirror world_the_end in default config.yml
  • Using this code until Bukkit fixes spawnCreature()
  • Output the redirected plugin too.
  • Fix another bug in /sell
  • Allow to set size of MagmaCubes in /spawnmob
  • Added info how to read the next page to /info /help /motd /rules
  • Fix bug in /sell command
  • Changes to /sell /give and /item

    Material.getMaxStackSize() will now be used in /give and /item
    The config option default-stack-size has been removed
    New config option oversized-stacksize and permission essentials.oversizedstacks
    Fixes bug giving out too many items on /give and /item when a stacksize > 64 is given.
    Fixes bug in /sell that ignores enchantments
    /sell now uses Material.getMaxStackSize() for /sell egg 2s (will sell 32 instead of 128 now)
  • Translation of /balancetop
  • Calculation of /balancetop is now async to prevent slowdown of the server
  • Ignore defaultstacksize from config, just use 64
  • New option for EssProtect: Prevent villager death.
  • Fix broken trade/buy signs because of a wrong cast
  • Allow enchantments to be removed using /enchant enchantmentname 0
  • New permissions:
    essentials.spawnmob.[mobname] and essentials.spawner.[mobname]
  • Allow /unbanip playername, not just ips
  • Updated the enchantment names to match those of the game
  • Enchantments in CraftBukkit are still broken, but it works with Essentials :)
  • Added enchantment to /give and /item
    Updated plugin.yml
  • Enchantments on Trade signs? Fixes check, so we won't add items that are enchanted.
  • Added 1.9 material where you can stand
  • /spawner without mobname outputs available mobs
  • Fix banning random player (and all other commands where a empty player is given)
  • New behavior of the /home command and beds

    - The behavior has been altered to match the vanilla server.
    - Using a bed will no longer create a home in the users file, if config option bed-sethome is set
    - The config option bed-sethome has been removed
    - It's now possible to go to /home bed or /home playername:bed
    - Bed locations stored before installing Essentials will be used
    - Players respawn at their bed location (if set) instead of the spawn, if respawn-at-home is set to false
    - The default value of spawn-if-no-home is set to true
    - If spawn-if-no-home is set and the player has not set a home, he will be either teleported to his bed location (if set) or the spawn, when he uses the /home command
  • Disable god mode automatically in worlds defined by config
  • Oh no! Angry wolf babies D:
  • Baby wolfs, awwwwh
  • CB#1501 B#1037
    New spawnmob options: cow:baby sheep:baby chicken:baby pig:baby
  • Show more then 9 lines of motd on login
  • Corrected name in items.csv: whitestone => enderstone
  • Set shooter of Fireball or it will die instantly.
  • Added new creatures to EssProtect prevent spawning
    Ghast and Slime default value changed
  • Fix timeWorldCurrent translation key in /time command
  • Fix long prefix breaking setPlayerListName(), because they are too long.

    If Essentials detects, that the player name would be too long with prefix and suffix to fit in the player list, it will only update the name without prefix and suffix but with nickname and opcolor.
  • Add SmallFireball to EssProtect
  • Added option to /fireball command: /fireball small
  • Added new mobs
  • Added new methods to Fake classes
  • Added the new items to items.csv
  • motd and rules are now configured in the files motd.txt and rules.txt, values from config.yml are copied automatically

    New features:
    Info command now understands the tags from motd and rules
    motd and rules are now multipage
    On join, only the first page of motd is shown.
  • Better solution for the alternative commands
  • Check for other plugin aliases and run them instead.
  • Read current exp, instead of stored exp.
    This means that exp used in enchanting is subtracted from total exp.
  • Fixing killall command definition.
  • Update exp trade signs on purchase.
  • Fixing Sell/Buy Signs which use EXP as a currency.
  • Inform user that they were healed.
  • Switching the item value of brewing stands
  • New permissions: essentials.powertool.append.
  • Simplify the protect config file examples.
  • First Refactor of Kits
    New sign: [Kit] / <kit name> / [group] / [charge]
  • Adjusting /spawn to not trigger respawn event.
  • Show command conflict in debug mode.
  • New Permission:<worldname>
    ~ Unsure about the future of this feature, its recommended you don't rely on /world to switch worlds ~
    Test #1178
  • New command /remove
    Test #1193
  • New command: /feed New permission: essentials.feed.others
    Test #1191
  • New command: /more
    Test #1189
  • New Command /break, and new Permission: essentials.break.bedrock
    Test #1188
  • Patching gamemode and god toggles to not match on ' '
  • items.csv update for crackedstonebrick (id98,2)
  • Remove invalid dupe permission from permbukkit example.
  • Make the chat formatting config file link to the wiki.
  • Show how far away each player is.
  • Better distance checking.
  • Command: /near
  • Fixing spawnmob errors to say the right thing.
  • /spawnmob sheep:<colour> + /spawnmob sheep:baby = /spawnmob sheep:<colour>baby.
    And as a nice extra, random: /spawnmob sheep:randombaby 10
  • Missing an Animal.
  • Adding some debug info to /essentials
  • GC: Never force reclaiming RAM on user logout, it will be done automatically, when the time is right.
    ~ Should reduce player event lag a little bit ~
  • Handle a null handler (GM)
  • Adding extra mobs to essentials protect, changing some default settings.
  • Someone said something about wanting Snowmen.
    ... and MagmaCubes.
    Bukkit #1045 CraftBukkit #1522
  • Fix empty argument in delhome.
  • URL went nowhere.
  • Fixing optional argument on tppos to use the correct yaw value.
  • New permission essentials.nick.color
    Allows control over who can use colour codes in nicknames.
  • Fixing inventory method calls.
    Bug report:
  • Switching priority on help permissions
    Bukkit #1488
  • Rewriting help, to use new classes.
  • Warn in the console if group prefixes are too long.
    People using displayname prefixes can set longer chat prefixes in the chat config.
  • Updating gamemode to allow essentials.gamemode.other.
  • Updating web push to just push the zip files.
  • Allow timeout of /tpa /tpahere requests

    Adds new config setting tpa-accept-cancellation
    Test #781
  • Catch TeleportClause.COMMAND in the teleport listener.

    Changed Teleport methods to pass a TeleportClause param
  • Adding ability to save /back location from teleport events outside essentilals

    New config setting to turn this on "register-back-in-listener"
    Test #1200
    CB#1560 / B#1055
  • New feature: IsBanned to /whois
  • Added new player argument: /spawnmob <mob> [amount] [player]
    Test: #821
  • New feature: /mail sendall <message>
    Test: #649
  • Renamed /find to /itemdb
  • New command: /find <item>
    Test #278
    Test #293
    Test #348
  • Added [enchant] sign
    Test #1177
  • Added /spawn <player>
    Test #607
  • Added per-world permissions for /world
  • Added many new MOTD possibilities + getI18n() to