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    Oct 12, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1317
  • CB 1240


Change Log:
  • Fixing typo in release build.
  • Merge branch 'essmaster' into essrelease
  • Fixing german translation error.
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/master' into essrelease
  • Changing essentials URL, we should at least give one that works, although bukkitdev would probably be better.
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/master' into essrelease
  • Edited Essentials/src/items.csv via GitHub
  • Updating Readme
  • Merge branch 'essmaster' into essrelease
  • Nick length patch
  • Revert "Less dupe code on last commit."

    This reverts commit 531f40ceee55d44528f35783d5572a5b5c5292e9.
  • Less dupe code on last commit.
  • Fix for /tjail not teleporting users back due to cooldown.
  • Merge branch 'essmaster' into essrelease
  • Merge branch 'essmaster' into groupmanager
  • Updating bPermissions
  • Updating bpermissions to latest.
  • Adding unjail alias to tjail.
  • FoodLevelChange event, update.
  • Add hunger replenish to /heal (Do we want to add a toggle?)
  • Adding list name to /nick support.
  • Removing a few restrictions on manuadd, it shouldnt be a clone of manpromote after all.
  • Updating to CB 1240
    Bukkit 875
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/groupmanager' into essmaster
  • Safe location fix:
    x and z needs floor, while y should be round.
  • Updating safe teleport locations to include 1.8 blocks.
  • Fixing mail argument errors.
  • Allow different 'sets' of multiple homes, definable by permission.
    - Not sure I like this, but it does seem to work
    - changed config key for backwards compatibility (config node sets value on failure).
  • Adding MOTD flags to config.yml
    Setting config.yml 'warn-on-build-disallow: true' - should reduce number of confused support requests.
  • Patching /unlimited to not give items if player is in creative mode.
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/groupmanager' into essmaster
  • Merge branch 'master' of into essmaster
  • Added two new permission nodes - groupmanager.notify.self &
    These allow players/admins to be notified when players are moved
    between groups.
  • Removed null supression in
  • Merge branch 'groupmanager' of
    https://[email protected]/essentials/Essentials.git into groupmanager

  • Fixed manudelsub not correctly selecting the group to remove.
  • Fixed manudelsub not correctly selecting the group to remove.
  • Comment config.yml to prevent creation of world4 data files
  • Fix for Bukkit passing a null To location on a player Portaling
  • Added the ability to handle unknown worlds at server start.
    (GM will create the data files for any worlds it finds which are not
    in the config.yml)
  • Moved events into GMWorldListener
    Better error output
  • Missed Event class
  • Added event handling to manage new world creation at runtime.
  • Fix for loading of worlds not in the config
    Fix for folder creation of unique worlds
  • Attempt to stop GM wiping groups/users yml's on a bad shut down.
  • Rewrote Config loading to use Bukkits Configuration features
    Added an opOverride setting in config.
    If present and set to false, op's will not get overriding permissions
    in GroupManager.
    (one op will not be able to alter another op's settings)
    GM will now create all relevant world data files for non mirrored
    (for all worlds named in config.yml)
  • Fixed an issue with superperms where plugins define perms with
    inheritance after the root perms
  • Changed priority if Registered events to lowest.
  • Merge branch 'master' into groupmanager
  • Changes for new Bukkit
  • CB#1317
  • Fix NPE in BUY signs
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Fix of the recharge code, also the maximum line length on signs is 15 not 16!
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Reverting ementalos change on freeze-afk, hopefully fixing the flickering.
  • Cleanup
  • Notch decided that the sun rises north and sets south.
    "Corrected" values for /getpos and /compass
  • Prevent that long lines are stored on the sign
  • Allow players to recharge trade signs without breaking them.
    Also don't give out items, if their inventory is full.
  • Don't spill out items, if inventory is full on buy signs.
  • Allow to disable the death messages of minecraft
  • Corrected datavalues for pistons
  • Cancel early, not late
  • Prevent players with essentials.sleepingignored permission from going to bed. Prevents a bug in bukkit.
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Allow players with permission break invalid trade signs.
  • Throw RuntimeException instead of NPE, if the api is called before Essentials is loaded.
  • Easier version of /banip username
  • Fix pull request of damage request
  • Merge pull request #29 from zzbomb/patch-1

    Improved to operate like.. "banip <IP|Username>" bans the specified IP or
  • Merge pull request #27 from feildmaster/patch-1

    Fires an event before "killing."
  • Merge pull request #28 from feildmaster/patch-2

    Edited Priority to "High" of chat listener
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Fix NPE in /repair
  • We can get the console command sender from server object now.
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Register 1.5
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Merge branch 'master' into groupmanager
  • Since it will be released, it needs a new version number
  • Removing obsolete Nether portal code.
    If you want more control over the worlds, I recommend using Multiverse.
    /world command still exists, it can be used to switch between worlds. The default ratio of 8 is used for nether.
  • Merge branch 'master' into release
  • Null check for probably corrupted worlds
  • Don't set last location if it's invalid
  • Deprecation our TargetBlock class:
    There is a function in bukkit that we should use instead
  • Kits timeout are now saved in user data
  • Allow the deletion of broken homes
  • Allow delhome for offline users
  • Fix god mode enabled after afk player quit the game
  • More exceptions thrown
  • Correctly throw exceptions if mob spawn protection is on
  • Only afk people, if they have essentials.afk permission.
  • Corrected plurals of new creatures and removed Monster creature, because it can't be spawned anymore
  • Improved to operate like.. "banip <IP|Username>" bans the specified IP or the IP of the user specified.
  • Edited Priority to "High"
    Adds compatibility to plugins that adds text to the current "format."
  • Fires an event before "killing."
    Can be made cancel-able.
    Could also be written to add "suicide" (if sender == player)