This is a Shop plugin supporting the major economy plugins (iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials', and MultiCurrency). This was coded from the ground up with the intent to return the shop commands that seem to be disappearing from servers. The plugin requires you have This Register Jar in your plugins folder too.


All the shop commands can be found under "/shop".

The first argument is "buy", "sell", or "check". "buy" gives the player the item for the amount of money defined in the configuration files. "sell" gives the player the money for the items. "check" allows the player to see how much the items go for.

The second argument is the item. This is either a name as given by bukkit (ex. "diamond_pick_axe"), Essentials if you have it installed (ex. "diamondpickaxe"), or any names defined in the configuration. you can add a colon (:) and put a number after it (no spaces) for a specific material data. You can also use a name for the type (ex. "blue" or "birch") based on the item type itself.

The third argument is optional, and it's the amount to buy or sell. If you don't define it, it implies 1. Define a number to purchase or sell that amount. If you're selling, you can use "all" and it will sell all the items of that type in your inventory. Defining a material data will force only that type to be sold.


The first time you run the server with the plugin, it will make three files in the folder "plugins/eShop/".


This holds all the costs for the command. Format each line with the numbers as follows:

<Item ID> [Data] <Buy Amount> <Sell Amount>

You can add the data value to the line, however that will force the price to only apply to that data value alone. The Item ID and the Data are both positive integers, while the buy and sell amounts are doubles. Some economy plugins round the values of the prices. If that happens, it will report a warning just before the plugin loads (look out for it). If you set any of the prices to 0, it will prevent that specific action (example: setting buy as 0 will prevent the purchase of the item, but still allow it to be sold).


This allows you to set names used to find items. The file reads as so:

<Name> <Item ID> [Data]

You can define a data value for the name. The Item ID and Data are both positive integers. Name can be any string unless it contains a space or a colon (:) (although use common sense and don't use something not on standard keyboards).


This is the localization for the plugin. Almost all the player messages are stored here and can be edited to either change my horrible messages or to even use a different language. The escape character for this is '&', so &[0-F] will be that color, &g will return the variable (ex. the price or the item type), and && will return a '&' character.

Also, there is a commented out line in this file, "Permissions = true". If you use a permissions plugin that doesn't use bukkit's built in system, uncommenting this line should get it to work. Doing so will activate the Permissions hook, so Permissions 2.7, 3.x, and GroupManagerBridge should all work.


This plugin has three permissions nodes and one parent node that covers all three. They are as follows: = allows player to use /shop buy
eShop.sell = allows player to use /shop sell
eShop.check = allows player to check prices (implied if they have .buy or .sell)
eShop = all of the above


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