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Mob Escape


Some of you might know this minigame (if they watch SkyTheKid), but the goal here is to jump through a map which is being destroyed by a following mob behind the players. If you fall, you lose. This is a continuation of DragonEscape with more mobs.


  1. Set the main lobby at the beginning: /etm setmainlobby [name]

For each new arena:

  1. Create a new arena with /etm createarena [name]
  2. Build a waiting lobby and do /etm setlobby [name]
  3. Set the spawn: /etm setspawn [name] (you can set multiple spawns too, for more players)
  4. Set the Mob spawn: /etm setmobspawn [name]
  5. Set the finish: /etm setfinish [name]
  6. Set two or more flypoints: /etm setflypoint [name] Attention: You need more than one flypoint!
  7. Setup the boundaries /etm setbounds [name] [low/high] Attention: You need to set both low and high boundaries.
  8. Save the arena with /etm savearena [name]
  9. Create a join sign: 1st line: mobescape; 3rd line: [arenaname]


/etm createarena [name]creates a new arenamobescape.setup
/etm setlobby [name]sets the waiting lobby for a new arenamobescape.setup
/etm setspawn [name]sets the spawn (dragon/players)mobescape.setup
/etm setfinish [name]sets the finishlinemobescape.setup
/etm setbounds [name] [low/high]sets boundaries for the arenamobescape.setup
/etm setmainlobbysets the main lobbymobescape.setup
/etm setflypointsets a new flypointmobescape.setup
/etm removeflypointremoves a flypointmobescape.setup
/etm savearena [arena]saves the arena after you set the boundariesmobescape.setup
/etm removearena [name]removes an arenamobescape.setup
/etm setmobspawn [name]sets the spawn for the mob (this is optional, if not set, will spawn at player spawn)mobescape.setup
/etm setmobtype [type]sets the mob typemobescape.setmobtype
/etm setarenavip [arena] [true/false]sets an arena to vip-onlymobescape.setup
/etm setreward [arena] [type] [value]sets an arena specific rewardmobescape.setup
/etm join [name]joins a game per command
/etm kit [kitname]changes your kit
/etm kitguishows kit GUI
/etm leaveleaves the game
/etm start [name]forces an arena to startmobescape.start
/etm reloadreloads the configmobescape.reload
/etm listlists all arenasmobescape.list
/etm endallends all running mobescape tasks, if something bad happensmobescape.end
/etm setmaxplayers [arena] [count]sets max players of an arenamobescape.setup
/etm setminplayers [arena] [count]sets min players of an arenamobescape.setup

Creating join signs requires mobescape.sign.

Mob Types

As of now only Wither and Enderdragons are supported, but I'll add more mobs soon. Change them globally with /etm setmobtype [type]. [type] can be wither or dragon.


You can check out the kits in the config below, there are three kits right now. You can set them to vip kits by turning requires_permission to true, also you can make players pay for using a kit.

You can change your kit with /etm kit [kitname].

Arena Permissions (VIP Arenas)

You can set an arena vip by executing /etm setarenavip [arena] [true/false]. Players need the permission node "mobescape.joinarena.arenaname" to join the arena then.


Check this page to see the full default config (as of v1.2) with some explanations:


Be aware that these videos are outdated DragonEscape videos, but the setup is still the same. I'll be doing a new tutorial video soon.

[PORTUGUESE] Thanks to AbsintoJ: link.

[GERMAN] Plugin tutorial: link.

[ENGLISH] Another plugin tutorial: link

[SPANISH] Very detailed spanish tutorial: link

Upcoming Versions

v1.2.2 (Uploaded 27.03)

  • adds option to remove scoreboard
  • adds optional item for kit selection at join
  • fixes an inventory loss bug
  • fixes small typo for finishline
  • enables lava damage
  • fixes mob looking into wrong direction sometimes

v1.3 (Uploaded 29.03)

  • adds 1.7.5 support
  • adds optional item for kit selection on join
  • destroy radius has effect on y axis too now
  • a bit better destroyer animation
  • code cleanup


  • find a way to not let players camp. As of now there's an experimental option for that in the config, but you could also just set the destroyer radius higher.
  • add more sign options
  • add option to kick all players after game (for bungee)
  • add different destroyer modes

Additional Information

If there are random (mostly teleportation) errors coming up, update Multiverse and Vault.

This plugin uses hidendra's Metrics system to send server related information like player count, java/bukkit/plugin version etc. to the official MCStats servers. You can disable this in the config.yml in plugins/PluginMetrics/.

The plugin also uses an autoupdater which can be turned off in the config (see above in the config section).

The source code can be found here.

Have fun :)


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