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This is the BukkitDev plugin information page for ErrorNoise.

ErrorNoise does something that can be very helpful: a simple and annoying noise will play when an error occurs. ErrorNoise has two versions:

ErrorNoise Lite:
A stripped down, non-configurable version of the plugin.
It was designed for drag-n-drop testing on development servers.
ErrorNoise (Standard):
The fully configurable version of the plugin.
Set the sound to be more annoying than before!
To install, follow these directions:

  1.  Choose either the Standard version or Lite version of the plugin to install.
  2.  Download the latest plugin jar file for that version.
  3.  Place the plugin jar file into the plugins directory of your Bukkit/Spigot server.

NOTE: ErrorNoise will not automatically check for updates. Please check this page often for new features and/or bug-fixes.
The permission nodes for ErrorNoise are very simple, and are (currently) the same for both versions of the plugin:

Let a player hear the error noise.
Let a player view the error message.

...that's it!

The configuration file for ErrorNoise (Standard) will generate on its first run. Below is an explanation of each configuration option:

Decide if the plugin will treat 'warning' level console messages as errors.
Decide if the plugin will treat 'severe' level console messages as errors.
Seconds that the plugin will wait between error messages before allowing a new one to appear.
It will start the counting over again for every new error that triggers in the mean time.
The message that will be displayed when an error occurs (to players with the correct permission).
Color codes are allowed (with the '&' character).
The sound played when an error is triggered.
Format the option just as it is listed on the Bukkit javadocs (ex: ENTITY_BAT_AMBIENT).
Volume as a float value (0F to 2F... 2F being the loudest)
Pitch as a float value (0F to 2F... 2F being the highest)
The list of all error messages that will be ignored by this plugin.

Be sure everything in the configuration file is valid YAML before using it on a production server!
ErrorNoise is licensed under the MIT License.
All downloads are subject to said license unless otherwise noted.
The source code for this plugin can be found on GitHub.


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