This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Epic Spleef


EpicSpleef is a plugin for the minecraft minigame spleef. You don't know what spleef is? You can find a great description >here<.


  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Multilingual (language file)
  • Nice looking scoreboard
  • Uses some cool 1.8 features like titles
  • Highly configurable
  • Infinite arenas
  • Supports lobbies (optional)
  • Ingame shop for particles and similar stuff
  • Get snowballs for destroying blocks to fight campers (optional)
  • Some cool gamemodes: Normal, BowSpleef, Splegg, SpleefRun
  • Fight on animals. Ride a rabbit/pig/sheep/villager/etc. while fighting!
  • Ingame commands to create lobbies and arenas
  • Can be used in protected worldguard regions without having to configurate anything (should work for other protection plugins, too)
  • Inventory-GUI for joining, statistics and the shop.
  • Multiple floor levels
  • Cool low-gravity mode (As if you were on the moon)
  • Tabcomplete commands AND arguments
  • Three types of spectating: normal, normalFlying and gamemode 3!
  • Rewards (money or/and points)
  • Auto-Updater with many features. (How to disable?)
  • Code available on GitHub
  • Lots of other stuff

Commands and Permissions

/spleef ?Shows a list with all avaiable commandsspleef.help
/spleef join [arena]Attempts to join an arenaspleef.join
/spleef statsShows your statisticsspleef.stats
/spleef create <arena>Creates a new arena in your worldspleef.create
/spleef addSpawnloc <arena>Adds a spawnlocation at the place you are standing on. This also saves yaw and pitch!spleef.addspawnloc
/spleef addBlocks <arena> <worldedit/lookingAt/standingOn> [-saveMaterial]Adds the blocks to the floor. If -saveMaterial flag is used it will save the current material of the ground, else it will use snow as floor material.spleef.addblocks
/spleef setLobby <arena> <lobby>Sets the lobby of the arena.spleef.setlobby
/spleef setValue <arena> <flag> <value>Sets some flags. (more detailed description comming soon)spleef.setvalue
/spleef flags [arena]Lists all flags and theit valuesspleef.flags
/spleef startSets the countdown to 5spleef.start
/spleef reloadReloads the pluginspleef.reload
/spleef updateUpdates the pluginspleef.update
/spleef delete <arena> <arena> [deleteStats]Deletes an arena. If the deleteStats flag is used it will also delete the stats for this arena.spleef.delete
/spleefLobby ?Shows a list with all avaiable commandsspleeflobby.help
/spleefLobby create <lobby>Creates a new lobby in your worldspleeflobby.create
/spleefLobby addSpawnloc <lobby>Adds a spawnlocation to the lobbyspleeflobby.help


English description: https:wiki.nitrado.net/en/EpicSpleef
German description: https:wiki.nitrado.net/de/EpicSpleef

Video Tutorials

English tutorials

comming soon

German tutorials

comming soon

Some pictures/videos

Particles: Videos
GUIs: Pictures


You want to try the plugin before installing?
There's a public testserver to test the plugin: spleef.nitrado.net


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