Creating Quests

Creating Quests

Note: remember to use 4 spaces instead of a tab in YML files!

NameThe display name of the quest
Start_InfoThe text you see when you start a quest
End_InfoThe text you see when you finish a quest
TypeThe task type/objective. Full list on the bottom of the page
idWhat you have to kill/collect/destroy/etc, for multiple word items/mobs, use underscore, ie: zombie_pigman. For the villager quest type, just type the full name of the villager (no underscores).
AmountThe amount of times you have to do the objective
WorldsWhich worlds the quest is "progress able" in separated by a comma and space (, ). For no restriction, type "any"
Reset_TimeThe time in seconds the quest will not be available after finishing it. Also usable: -1 is not available again after finishing
QuestsCompletedSets the quests the player has to finish first before he unlocks this quest, each separated by a comma and space ", ". Use -1 for no restriction
(Requirement) idThe item that will be taken off the player in text. ie: diamond_axe
(Requirement) AmountThe amount of items that will be taken off the player
LevelThe minimal level the player needs in order to get the quest
  • Quest types:
    • Collect
    • Kill
    • Killplayer
    • Killanyplayer
    • Destroy
    • Place
    • Levelup
    • Enchant
    • Tame
    • Craft
    • Smelt
    • TalkToVillager
    • Killanymob
    • Killmobbyname
      • Use this in combination with MythicMobs or any other custom mob plugin to target bosses and rare mobs!
    • Repair
    • Goto
      • ID is block location in the following syntax: x=y=z
      • Triggers when in a certain radius
    • Clickblock
      • ID is block location in the following syntax: x=y=z
    • Executecommand

Quest rewards

Permissions: GroupPuts the player in the new group, if the group exists
MoneyGives a certain amount of money
Item sectionGives a set amount of a set item (ie: diamond_axe). Set either one to -1 for no item reward. To give multiple item rewards, separate the ID's and amounts by a comma (no space!).
CommandSets a command that will execute when the player completes the quest. To use the player name, type <player> (case sensitive). ie: "kick <player>" to kick the player who completed the quest. If you do not want a command, leave the space empty, that includes NO SPACES.
HeroesExpGives a certain amount of experience if Heroes is enabled


To use signs for quests, simply put down a sign and use one of these formats:

Give random quest

Line 1: [EpicQuest]
Line 2: [Give]
Line 3: random
Line 4:

Give specific quest

Line 1: [EpicQuest]
Line 2: [Give]
Line 3: <number>
Line 4:

Turn in quests

Line 1: [EpicQuest]
Line 2: [Turnin]
Line 3:
Line 4:

Note: everything inside of the hooks [] are case sensitive!

The quest book

Enable the quest book in the config. Open it to show the quests you have and their progress. Simple!

Changes in 3.2

There is a new section in the quest file, which is "Requirements". This is to avoid confusion in what some other lines in the quest file would do such as "locked". In order to keep your old file, you need to change a few things per quest. Look at the new quest file to see how you need to set it up exactly.

  • Add a Requirements section
  • Rename "locked" to "QuestsCompleted" and move it to the Requirements section
  • Move "Worlds" to the Requirements section
  • Add a new section called "Item" to the Requirements in the same format as the reward item section
  • Add a new "Level" line to the requirements


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