The ultimate, lightweight quest plugin!

EpicQuest is an easy to use yet highly customizable quest plugin. Immerse your players into Minecraft with a commandless questing experience through villagers, bounty signs and a book to show your progress!


  • Multiple tasks per quest
  • Multiple quests at the same time
  • Quest types:
    • Collect
    • Kill
    • Killplayer
    • Killanyplayer
    • Destroy
    • Place
    • Levelup
    • Enchant
    • Tame
    • Craft
    • Smelt
    • TalkToVillager
    • Killanymob
    • Killmobbyname
    • Repair
    • Goto
    • Clickblock
    • Executecommand
  • Quest rewards:
    • Money (Vault)
    • Items
    • Permission group (Vault)
    • Commands execution
    • Heroes Experience
  • Supported plugins:
    • Citizens
    • Heroes (only class experience for now)
    • MythicMobs and all other custom mob plugins through the "Kill Mob By Name" quest type
  • Progress a quest in only the specified worlds
  • Player statistics
  • Permissions
  • Quest requirements
  • Quest lock time after finish (for daily quests and the likes)
  • Sign support
  • Any block as quest-giver
  • Spawn villagers who give quests
  • Party functionality
  • Check which quests you have in a book - no commands! -
  • Questing leaderboards
  • Plugin metrics
  • Plugin requires Vault
  • Vote for the next feature here!

Coming soon:

  • RPG Items support (collect quest type and rewards)
  • BarAPI for progress tracking
  • Extended Heroes support

Known bug(s):

  • None

Wanna contribute to EpicQuest?

Vote for new features on the Trello board and see what is being worked on: TRELLO BOARD
Help me out on GitHub if you have programming talent: GIT REPO
Found a bug? Submit the issue here: REPORT ISSUE
Share quests with your fellow Crafters here: SHARE QUESTS

How to use

Quests Villagers Tips


Add either /q or /quest before the commands.

giveGive random questepicquest.user.give
give <number>Give specified quest from the QuestListepicquest.user.give
turninTurn all your quests inepicquest.user.turnin
<questlist or ql>Shows the quests can take with the give commandepicquest.user.questlist
<questbook or qb>Shows the quests you haveepicquest.user.questbook
<questbook or qb> giveGives you a questbook in your inventoryepicquest.user.questbook
info <number>Shows info on the specified quest from the QuestBookepicquest.user.info
drop <number>Drops the specified quest from the QuestBookepicquest.user.drop
stats <playername>Shows player statisticsepicquest.user.stats
helpShows help pagesepicquest.user.help
questblock <give/turnin> <(if give)random/questnumber>Options for the block you're looking atepicquest.admin.questblock
partyShows party membersepicquest.user.party
party invite <playername>Invites a player to your partyepicquest.user.party
party acceptAccepts the current party invitationepicquest.user.party
party kick <playername>Kicks a player from your party if you are leaderepicquest.user.party
party leader <playername>Makes somebody else the party leaderepicquest.user.party
party leaveLeave your current partyepicquest.user.party
party chatToggles party chatepicquest.user.party
leaderboard questcompletedShows leaderboard for most quests completedepicquest.user.leaderboard
leaderboard taskcompletedShows leaderboard for most tasks completedepicquest.user.leaderboard
leaderboard moneyearnedShows leaderboard for most money earnedepicquest.user.leaderboard
questentity create <name> <quest>Spawns a villager with a quest where <quest> is the file name from the quests folder (ie: DefaultQuest0_0). Check the questentities.yml file after reloading the server for more advanced options!epicquest.admin.questentity
questentity create <quest>Select a Citizen after this command to make him give quests where <quest> is the file name from the quests folder (ie: DefaultQuest0_0). Check the questentities.yml file after reloading the server for more advanced options!epicquest.admin.questentity
questentity remove <name>Remove a villager with a questepicquest.admin.questentity
reloadReload the pluginepicquest.admin.reload
saveSave all dataepicquest.admin.save
help adminShows admin help pagesepicquest.admin.help

Plugin metrics

This plugin uses plugin metrics since 3.5.3. The plugin sends only basic plugin information for now. Disable this in the "plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml", set opt-out to true.
Stats Check out the full plugin stats here!

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