Version 1.23

This project has moved over to SpigotMC!

The new project is now awaiting approval on SpigotMC for only $4.99! I can't link directly to it, but will put up a link to my profile over there and you should be able to find it once it's up. The first build available is for 1.8.0 and I'll upload a 1.8.3 build as soon as it lets me.

Thank you guys for being so patient and for supporting this plugin during it's life here on BukkitDev. Nearly 70,000 downloads and counting!

I know it sucks to have to pay to use something you used to have, but I simply couldn't continue pouring the time into this project to keep it updated without getting a little something back. The demand is there, so I'm doing what I can to make sure you guys can continue to enjoy my work. Thanks to SpigotMC and your small, one time payment, this unique plugin gets to live on!

When you purchase the plugin on Spigot, all future updates are also yours as they are released for no additional charge. Thanks in advance! You guys rock!

This page will no longer be updated.

EpicGlass adds a new function to both glass blocks (or any other block type in the config!); the ability to be broken! With EpicGlass, you can charge up your bow and send an arrow smashing through windows or take someone by surprise by crashing through their skylight. But don't worry, all that broken glass will slowly regenerate, so you can shatter it over and over again.

This plugin collects basic usage information for mcstats.org. You may opt out in the generated pluginMetrics config file.


  • Players and Mobs can fall through glass
  • Players can sprint and jump through glass
  • Arrows can be shot through glass
  • All glass blocks that were touching will be broken
  • Glass broken by EpicGlass regenerates over time
  • Config for disabling any unwanted features and adding a block cap to the number that can be broken at once
  • All of these things for any other block type


A more cinematic video


In order to use EpicGlass, simply sprint and jump, fall onto, or shoot an arrow at a glass block.


        description: reloads the EpicGlass config file
        usage: /egreload
        description: forces all pending regenerations
        usage: /egregen
        description: sets flags, through Shield
        usage: /egsetflag <region name> <true, false, or reset> [players...]

Config File Help
Permission Nodes
Bukkit Forums


  • Explosions?
    Please post suggestions on the Tickets page

Known Bugs

  • There are sometimes graphical bugs with the arrows angle when shooting through glass


Version 1.23

  • Updated for 1.7.10-R0.1

For any older changelog, please see the Files Page

Before you post a long unorganized comment with a bunch of individual suggestions, take some time to look at the tickets page. Enhancements posted on the comments page will NOT be considered. Do yourself a favor and POST TICKETS. This will help me track and organize each idea and make sure it gets it proper attention. Please post a SEPARATE ticket for each idea you have and check first to see if someone else has posted a similar ticket. Voting up another user's ticket you are in favor of will help that enhancement get added FASTER.

With that said, if you have any normal comments or questions, feel free to post them below :)


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