EntitySuppressor is a plugin designed to prevent unnecessary amounts of Mobs from spawning on your server, thus reducing server lag. It does this by supplying an efficient multi-step process to limiting monsters.

Code is written almost entirely by myself. Also see bergerkiller's NoLagg for further Lag-Fixes. Credit to NoLagg & LexManos's PerformanceTweaks for some original concepts.


  • Multiworld compatibility!
  • Limits Monsters, Squid, Animals, Bats, and Villagers to configureable amounts in rather efficient way.
  • Can limit how far and/or how many layers away monsters spawn.
  • Reduces the frequency of mob-spawn ticks.
  • Only limits naturally spawned and spawner-spawned Mobs.
    • When a world has reached it's maximum, spawner mobs are queued until there is room.
  • Ability to remove far away unnecessary monsters.
    • Does not remove mobs that have picked up player items.
  • Commands to count the number of living entities.
  • Commands to remove living entities.
  • Reloadable config.
  • Configurable debug mode that prints extra information.
  • CraftBukkitUpToDate compatibility.
  • Anonymous statistic reporting to mcstats.org!
Commands & Permissions
  • /es count - Returns a count of all Living Entities in the current world.
  • /es remove <all / monsters / animals> - Removes all of the specified entity group from the current world.
    • esuppressor.remove - Required to use /es remove.
  • If "all" is added to the end of either of the above commands, it will do it in all worlds.
  • If <world> is added to the end of either of the above commands, it will only do it in the specified world.
  • /es reload - Reloads the config.
    • esuppressor.reload - Required to use /es reload.


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