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    Apr 28, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2


EM v3.4.2 Patch build

Changelog compared to last release (3.4.1)
Bug fixes / General Fixes
  • Major performance enhancements - Tested with Nolagg Examiner
  • Fixed issue with spawn eggs, would charge player money on wrong occasion
  • Fixed alerting code, finally works in testing.
  • Major improvements to Spawnegg code
  • Made Spawnegg code only block if the block you click isnt a chest, dispenser, or furnace so you can open those blocks even if you have a blocked egg in your hand.
  • Re-added the reload command, wether it successfully reloads config or not is not yet known.
  • Revised most of plugin to maximize efficiency and performance
  • If theres any performance problems, please make a ticket for it!
Performance update in-depth
  • Changed most event priority to lowest, possible effect on performance
  • Removed lots of unnecessary checks on many classes - probably effect on performance
  • Concluded that most of the lag from EntityManager can be attributed to CreatureSpawnEvent, the method used in EntityManager is very simple yet highly effective / versatile. During testing, after blocking lots of mobs at night time, the server didnt suffer any visible lag but Nolagg Examiner caught some lag, the lag sub ceded soon after. When performing lots of blocked actions such as spamming blocked item drops and such, maybe 1ms of lag can be generated on a large production server, which comparatively speaking is almost nothing and can't be noticed in the slightest. Plugins like Nocheat can produce around 15+ms of "lag" when running normally, and not spamming fly or other actions that the plugin handles. Basically the main point from the above paragraph was that the plugin doesn't cause lag that should discourage you from downloading, but under some circumstances such as resource-tight, heavy-traffic, or servers with lots of plugins and lots of blocked actions, you could receive some lag that could be accounted to EntityManager.