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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


EM v3.3 Release build

Changelog compared to last release (3.2.8 and 3.2)
New features
  • Re-added disable pvp, if player has permission (entitymanager.pvp , then they can still pvp).
  • Re-added mob-damage, this makes mobs invincible. (TODO, add permission to let player hit mobs when this is on).
  • Added a Toggle-able logging system, due to the alert system not working well during testing, i added a nice logging system that can be toggled via config.
  • Added potion blocking to dispensers
  • New command: /mc mobs : Display a list of blocked mobs : Use entitymanager.admin for permission.
  • Added a really good mob detection / removal system if you don't want to restart the server and you change the config to block a mob, the mob(s) can get removed by: Targeting you(if hostile), receiving any damage, if they are in a chunk that gets loaded, or if they are in a chunk that gets unloaded. This system makes disabling mobs very easy since the mobs that are blocked get removed very quickly.
  • Added no perms messages to many actions, only get sent if player has no permission and the action is enabled in config
  • Added permission to bypass config if fishing is disabled, (entitymanager.fishing)

Permissions Changes / Edits

Made all objects plural, (s)
  • entitymanager.xpbottles
  • entitymanager.firecharges
  • entitymanager.chickeneggs
  • entitymanager.enderpearls
  • entitymanager.endereyes
  • entitymanager.boats
  • entitymanager.minecarts
  • entitymanager.potions
Bug fixes / General Fixes
  • Fixed metrics not being blocked if disabled in config (in 3.2.8)
  • Other message fixes and general fixes
  • As always, delete old entity manager folder so the new one can generate.