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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.4-R1.0


EM v3.0 Release build

Changelog compared to last release (2.8.1)
  • Fixed purge command if player was offline or not defined at all

Everything below is configurable

  • Added way to block zombies from breaking doors
  • Added way to block enderman from picking up blocks
  • Added way to disable fall damage for everyone
  • Added way to block players receiving damage from entities (monsters)
  • Added way to block player vs player combat (since em works per world, can be used to create no pvp worlds)
  • Added way to block mobs from receiving damage from players
  • Added way to block hunger on players with permission
  • Added way to block the effects of splash potions
  • Added explosive arrows as a extra feature, for fun, customizable damage
  • Re-added alert code, but during tests did not work.

New Permissions

  • entitymanager.nohunger - Players with this never get hungry
  • Known in-compatibilties: - Nolagg item buffer, when you shoot an arrow and go to pick it up, it produces a null pointer (in nolaggitembuffer, not EM)


  • Config changes often, remember to always generate a new config every update.