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Entei's UUID Player List is a developer's api meant to make the manditory transition from player names to the new UUID system easier by providing extra methods and functionalities to any plugin developer who wishes to code their plugin with ease. All you have to do is drop the .jar into your /plugins/ folder and start getting players to log in, and the plugin will go straight to work saving and indexing player UUID tags and their most recent player name.


Full api support(See below) Basic commands for saving and information(see Commands & Permissions below) Some extra functions: copy(InputStream in, File file); formatColorCodes(String str); (so you can finally just use those "&" color codes in your plugin's code and not have to worry about those pesky ChatColor.COLORNAME variables anymore :D) sendConsoleMessage(String str); Has built in formatColorCodes functionality, does what function name suggests sendMessage(Sender OR Player sender, str); Sends a message to given sender or player(these are two different functions) Automatically saves and loads player UUID and player name data when a player joins or leaves Saved data is human readable

More to come!

In your favorite java editor, import and use the following to use the api for this plugin:

import com.gmail.br45entei.uuidmasterlist.UUIDMasterList

public void onEnable() {//Or whatever function suits your needs
boolean uuidPluginAvailable = (Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("UUIDMasterList") != null);
if (uuidPluginAvailable) {
//code here
//Type in "UUIDMasterList." to see a list of available functions in eclipse, or see the api documentation below.

public void loadPlayerStats(UUID uuid) {
String playerName = UUIDMasterList.getPlayerNameFromUUID(UUID uuid);
//Stuff with player's name, etc, etc.

Commands & Permissions

This plugin currently only has two basic commands: /printmasterlist and /saveall. /printmasterlist, or /pml for short, prints the entire list of stored uuid + usernames to the console. Only give permission to use this to a player if they are able to use the console directly or through Rcon, otherwise they could just spam your console. A later feature could be a "player" argument to act as a filter. Permission to use this command is: uuid.printToScreen (or be an operator)

/saveall saves all of the stored uuid + usernames to the "UUID_Master_List.yml" configuration file for later loading. Another later feature could be to save a specific player's UUID and username or to disable automatic saving. Permission to use this command is: uuid.saveall (or be an operator)


As of now there are no configurable options, except for the version of the config.yml(required for plugin). As features are added, options will most likely be added to switch them on or off, depending on the feature.


Just download and place the "UUID Master List.jar" file in your server's /plugins/ folder and restart or start the server. The configuration will load for the first time, then you can edit the config.yml file(currently no options available) and restart the server to get going!


All downloads: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/enteis-uuid-player-list/files/

Latest file: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/enteis-uuid-player-list/files/1-1-7-2-v0-1-jar/

API Documentation

The api documentation page is here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/enteis-uuid-player-list/pages/api-documentation/


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