Entei's Commands


Entei's Commands

With this plugin, you can modify or stop a command before it executes, enabling you full control over what commands are issued to your server. You can also set the plugin to change a certain command into another, to help with compatibility or misspelled commands. Other optional features include:

Automatic broadcasting: You can set the plugin to broadcast color-code enabled messages that you type at a configurable interval so that you can stop worrying about getting the latest news to your players.

Optional support for chat logging: If you have one of my other plugins called "Entei's Chat Manager", you can use this feature to log general events like broadcasts or player join events to the log file specified by "Entei's Chat Manager". NOTE: "Entei's Chat Manager" is not yet available.


  • The plugin is relatively light on your server, depending on various settings or configurations.
  • You can set up any command you choose to pose as any other.
  • This plugin will NOT mess with other plugins' commands, unless you set it up that way! This is to keep compatibility to the max.
  • Automatic Broadcasting(see the config.yml for details)
  • More to come!


A full list of commands for this plugin can be found on the following page(which I made myself): Commands_And_Perms.html


Use the above link for permissions.


Most recent release(Awaiting Approval): Entei's Commands V.5.3.zip
Last version: Entei's Commands V.5.2.zip


Just drag both the jar file and the "Entei's Plugin Library.jar" into your server's plugins folder.
Be sure to download the latest .zip to get all of the required files!


Here are the default configuration files for this plugin(The plugin will generate them automatically if they do not exist):

The default configuration file for this plugin can be found here: config.yml

Change or manage existing commands for your server: command-Aliases.yml

Set what items may NOT be dropped by players here(disable/enable this in the config.yml): UnDroppableItems.yml


REQUIRED: Entei's Plugin Library(Also included with .zip file for your convenience)
Note: After the first installation of the plugin library, you shouldn't need to update that when an update for the main plugin is released unless it is explicitly stated in that versions' description. That way you won't be having to handle as many files every time I update the plugin.

Optional: Entei's Chat Manager(Not yet available! Will be available as soon as I get time to shell out a stable release.)


I have kept this plugin off of the shelves, so to speak, since version 0.1, because I was still figuring out how to do the java basics. Now that I have a wider understanding of how to code in java, I feel I am ready to release version 5.1 and greater to the public so that I'm not hogging this cool plugin of mine all to myself. ;)

Notice: The plugin "Entei's Plugin Library.jar" does nothing on its own, as it is only what its name suggests - a library. It is required for this plugin to function correctly, as I have other plugins I am developing right now that also use the same resources as this one, so I decided to keep it simple and use a plugin library for my projects.

Thanks for viewing this page, and I hope you like my work!


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