Combine enchants to increase their level, infinitely on an anvil.

Does not mess with vanilla enchantment combining. 

You can set the cost of the enhanced enchants, as well as the maximum allowed cost through the config.



  • The maximum level cost that is allowed to be spent combining enchants, before it says "Too Expensive!"
  • Default: 50


  • The multiplier for cost increase per level of enhanced enchant.
  • Making Unbreaking IV would cost <vanilla cost> + <multiplier> * 1
  • Making Unbreaking V would cost <vanilla cost> + <multiplier> * 2
  • and so on..
  • Default: 10

1.12 (or below) users read this

There is a seperate version for 1.12 and below. (click here)

  • In the 1.12 version you cannot modify the cost settings.
  • The maximum cost is capped at 39.
  • not tested for 1.11 or below
  • will not be updated

Coming soon

I'm working on a system that lets you set the maximum cost, maximum enhancement level and multiplier per player through permissions. Stay tuned for that.


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