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This plugin uses bStats metrics, it collects data from your server such as plugin version you use, your players count, and much more. If you want to disable it, go to config file from the folder /plugins/bStats/.



Enhanced Crafting adds to your Minecraft Server a way to craft Items such as Enchanted Golden ApplesHorse Armours (Iron, Gold, Diamond), Saddle and much more!!


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1. Download the latest version of this plugin.

2. Insert the downloaded jar into your "plugins" folder.

3. Restart your server.

4. Now your players can craft them!


How to add a new Crafting Recipe?

1. Get the Crafting Recipe template from here.

2. Edit the craft_item and recipe with any crafting result and any crafting recipes. Be careful, the names from any Item needs to be same as on here, for example, a blaze powder name will be BLAZE_POWDER in the template.

3. Save the config.yml and stop&start server or simply use the following command to reload the config.yml with the new Crafting Recipes: /ecraft reload.



You can add a recipe easily now by using the command "/ecraft create" in-game. A GUI will open where you can place items to your desire of you crafting recipe and also the crafted item.




Default Crafting Recipes:

- Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apple


- Leather Horse Armor


- Iron Horse Armor


- Golden Horse Armor


- Diamond Horse Armor


- Saddle



If you have any suggestion of a crafting recipe, please write it in the comments!!


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