Engrave Plus

Easily edit names and lore of items without an anvil!


Do you miss the old Engrave plugin, that allowed you to name items effortlessly, or add lore to items, all without an anvil? I know I did, as it was one of the best donation perks given on an old server I used to play on. I originally replaced the plugin with a script using Skript, however that method lacked coloring and formatting, due to some limitations with the newest versions of Skript. Then I tried to use the original plugin. The classic plugin still works, except for any new items added to the game- so I decided to crack my knuckles and re-code the "perfect" Engrave plugin, this time adding a few extra protections and features that I felt the original lacked.

The original plugin had all rights reserved, and no source code anywhere to be found, so none of the original code was used in creating this masterpiece of a plugin, and I really hope you guys enjoy the plugin as much as I know I do.

The plugin is compiled against the 1.14 Spigot API, however I tested the plugin on 1.8.3, 1.9.4, 1.10.0, 1.11, 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.15, and 1.16 and the plugin works just as well on all of those versions. Theoretically it should also work on 1.7.10 and below, however I have not tested this!

This plugin requires that you have either a permissions manager and Vault or OP to use the commands. My preferred permissions manager is PermissionsEx due to its simplicity, however any permissions manager should be fine.

The list of permissions are very simple for this plugin, and are as follows:
engrave.item - Allows a player to engrave the item in their hand with a new name.
engrave.lore - Allows a player to engrave the item in their hand with a new lore.

These are meant to be a seamless step-in for the original plugin's permissions, meaning you don't have to do any extra work if you replace the older plugin with this one. Hoorah!

/engrave - Displays the in-game command reference.
/engrave %name% - Engraves the currently held item stack with the desired name. This can include spaces, color codes and formatting codes.
/engrave null - Removes the name from the currently held item stack, returning it to the default name.
/engrave lore - Adds a blank line of lore to the currently held item stack, below the previous line.
/engrave lore %lore% - Engraves the currently held item stack with a new line of lore, below the previous line. This can include spaces, color codes and formatting codes.
/engrave lore null - Clears all lore from the currently held item stack.
These commands were also designed to be a seamless step-in for the original plugin's commands, so that players who have used the plugin in the past won't have to learn new commands to use the plugin!

A full list of Minecraft color and formatting codes can be found here for ease of formatting.

A gallery of photos showing what the plugin features look like can be found here.

Icon anvil: Anvil by xxgicoxx license public domain by cc0: https://opengameart.org/content/anvil

Original plugin, which provided the inspiration for this one: Engrave by Dragonphase, All Rights Reserved: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/engrave
Do you love this plugin? If so, please consider supporting me via my ko-fi page! Doing so you'll not only show me how much you love this plugin, but will help encourage me to revive other older plugins that were great back in the day, but just don't work right any more (feel free to contact me for suggesting plugins)!


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