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Do you have tons of random things in your chests that are just taking up room?
This plugin solves that!

Now you can turn your useless cobblestone into diamonds with an "energy condenser".

Why Should I use it?

Although Equivalent Exchange has an Energy Condenser (not anymore), and is included in the tekkit pack, many people would prefer to be able to use such a feature without requiring client-side mods. This plugin will allow a server to have this feature, without any extra requirements, because it will only utilize vanilla blocks/graphics. While some people will flame this for directly copying EE, I disagree. EE requires client mods, whether single or multi-player. This plugin does not claim to be superior to EE, since many features are not implemented. It is simply an alternate that will work just fine in vanilla minecraft.


  • Use vanilla blocks to build a Equivalent Exchange-esque "Energy Condenser."
  • Use EE's EMC values, or specify your own!

There will be a new video soon documenting all the newest features!

I've Got the Plugin. Now What?

Building The Condenser

Lets get started on building your first condenser!

There are four levels of condensers that can be built.
The higher the level, the less energy is lost through conversion (configurable)

The standard condenser recipe is:

Chest | Enchantment Table | Chest
Iron Block | Obsidian | Modifier Block

By default, here are the modifiers along with loss factors:

LevelModifierLoss %
1Gold Block35%
2Emerald Block25%
3Diamond Block10%
4Beacon Block0%

(Both the modifier block and % loss is fully configurable)

Using it

To set a target for the condenser, just right click the sign, or any part of the enchantment table!
Now, to get the condenser going, just dump anything you want into the INPUT (left) chest, and watch!
Please note, opening either IN or OUT chest requires the permission ec.use, or ownership over the condenser (see Permissions section)

Other Things

You can right click the sign/enchantment table while you're not holding anything to PAUSE/UNPAUSE the condenser. This change will be displayed on line 4 of the sign.

If you stop the server, all condensers will be saved to "condensers.sav", and loaded again upon server start. All EMC and items will be saved.

Left clicking the sign will reset the condenser, but only if you have the permission ec.reset

Condensing a damaged tool will only return a percent of it's total EMC.
(1 - (damage_value / max_damage)) * EMC_value

Setting a damaged tool as a target will create more tools with the same damage level. If you want to condense tools at full health, you must have one available to condense...


'/emc' will tell you the value of the item in your hand. This will return the FULL EMC value, so if your condenser has energy loss, the item will actually be worth less

'/ec reload' will reload the EMCConfig while the server is running. This allows for editing the config without stopping the server. All condensers and /emc will be updated the moment this command is run. This command requires the perm "ec.reload"


ActionOwnerNeeded Perm
BuildDoesn't Matter""
OpenNo"ec.use" (see note)
BreakNo"" AND "ec.edit"
ResetDoesn't Matter"ec.reset"
/ec reloadn/a"ec.reload"
Get build/destroy messagesDoesn't Matter"ec.broadcast"

"Edit" means changing the target block, or pausing a condenser. Essentially, any right clicking the sign is an edit.
"Open" means accessing the I/O chests. This perm can be turned off in the config.

ec.use is unique in that you can give a user the ability to access any condenser with ec.use.* or specific condensers.

The perm format for a specific condenser is as follows: ec.use.[World]:[X]:[Y]:[Z]:[Orientation]
An example of a specific perm would be: ec.use.MyWorld:32:15:-135:2

To find the specific ID of a condenser, please check your condensers.sav file. The world, X, Y, and Z points are the location of the Iron block in the condenser. The orientation is a number 1-4, whose calculation is too difficult to explain. Please, just look in the sav file!


The main config (config.yml) has the following options:

  • check-interval: 1
  • max-stack-condense: 4
  • permission-to-use: false
  • broadcast-messages: true
  • level1: 41-35%
  • level2: 133-25%
  • level3: 57-10%
  • level4: 138-0%

check-interval controls how often blocks in the INPUT chest will get condensed. 1 = once every .25 seconds. 2 = once every .5 seconds, etc... (Note, this is not exact because your server might lag or run slower/faster than it theoretically should)

max-stack-condense controls how many blocks are created at a time in the OUTPUT chest if there is extra EMC in the condenser.

permission-to-use turns ec.use on and off. When this is false, users do not need ec.use to access I/O

broadcast-messages Messages will only be broadcast to users with ec.broadcast. If this is false, no messages will be broadcast at all

levels The first number is the BlockID of the modifier block, and the second is the percent loss.

The EMC config (emcConfig.yml) has a option for every item ID.

  • The values are stored as 'ID-DAMAGE_VALUE': EMC
  • Some items are stored as 'ID-A':EMC - this means that regardless of the damage value, all items with that id will have the same EMC (like wool)
  • Some are stored as 'ID-X':EMC - this means that this item can be damaged, and it's emc will be calculated as a percent of the given EMC, based on damage.


Source code will be available on my github
Plugin Idea by inventorman101, code by vsams14

My other plugins:


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