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Currently, all you get for killing the EnderDragon in SMP is a tonne of experience orbs, which you can use to enchant your items. That isn't very much, seeing as you just killed a dragon and probably died many times while trying! This plugin basically allows OPs to set a reward for killing the EnderDragon, to give your members more of an incentive to get into The End and kill that dragon! Now supports all major economies! For a list of supported economy plugins, check out the Vault page.


/endreward help - Shows all the commands and their usage.
/endreward info - Shows the plugin version.
/endreward set <variable> <value> - Sets a variable to a new amount. ('reward', 'money', 'currency', 'item', 'itemamount', and 'xp' are acceptable variables, and all can be edited in the config.yml file as well).


All users may use the help and info commands, but only OPs may use the set command.

To do:
  • Allow item rewards. Available in v1.4.1
  • Allow experience orb rewards (change the amount dropped). Available in v1.4.1!
  • Allow multiple rewards and a mixture of money/items/xp.
  • Allow permission nodes (possibly with a timer) as a reward.
  • Want more? Leave suggestions in the comments!


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