The aim of this plugin is to offer an easy solution for resetting The End. This can happen either manually, or periodically X minutes after the last player left The End.



/er help Displays a help message

/er reset [TIME] Resets the end. If you use this command without the "TIME" parameter, The End is getting resetted instantly. As an optional argument you can define the minutes to wait after the last player left the end. After TIME minutes The End then gets resetted. This happens periodically after a player leaves the end. Before restarting the server and resetting the end a countdown gets broadcasted to all players.




Allows to display the help message



Allows to reset the end periodically and manually



# EndResetter Configuration
# This command gets executed after the server has been stopped.
# It is used to start the server again. Typically you got a .sh (Linux) or
# a .bat (Windows) file to start you bukkit server. This file has to exist
# in your root server directory where your bukkit .jar file exists.
# EXAMPLE files
# Windows:
# start starter.bat
# Linux:
# ./starter.sh
start-command-linux: ./starter.sh
start-command-windows: start starter.bat
# Name of The End world folder
end-world-name: world_the_end
# Name of the normal world folder
world-name: world
# Minutes to wait after the last player left the end
minutes-to-wait: 60
# Shutdown countdown in seconds
shutdown-countdown: 10


Since the Bukkit API doesn't offer a way to restart the server i had to do it on my own with Java.


Why does that concern me?

Because you need to create either a batch file (Windows) or a shell script (Linux, Mac) depending on which operating system your server runs.


I won't introduce you in either of them but i'm gonna show you my scripts.



java -jar craftbukkit-1.11.2.jar nogui



screen -dm java -jar -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M craftbukkit-1.11.2.jar nogui


These files have to be in your bukkit root folder where your craftbukkit.jar file is.

You can configure the path of these files and which command to execute to start the server in the config.yml.



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