Use EndlessEnchant to create abnormal item enchantments! With a few fail-safes here and there, it's practically guaranteed to get you what you want! EndlessEnchantReloaded originated from here.


Just drag and drop the .jar file into your Minecraft server's \plugins directory and you're done! Git 'er dun'!


  • Easy Installation, Much Customization
  • Kit Enchantments (Armor, Tools, Swords, Bows) (Fully Customizable with Aliases!)
  • Many aliases of which you can customize through the enchants.yml file, applies on every startup (/EE Alias <enchantment name/kit name> or /EE Aliases)
  • Have only the shimmering enchanted effect on an item by using "/EE Glow"!
  • Customizable global cap on level so that people without a certain permission can't abuse it horribly
  • Failsafe upon enchanting an item so much that the enchantment becomes negative
  • Failsafe upon attempting to enchant with a negative enchantment


EndlessEnchant has one base command: /EE. By using this one command, you have access to all of the plugin's features!


Basic Advanced Admin
EndlessEnchant.Help - Needed for the base command: /EE EndlessEnchant.Kits - /EE Kits EndlessEnchant.Endless - Permission for enchanting above a configurable level
EndlessEnchant.Usage - /EE Usage(Usage can be replaced with '?') EndlessEnchant.Kits.* - Able to use all kit enchantments  
EndlessEnchant.Aliases - /EE Alias(es) EndlessEnchant.Kits.Armor - Able to do /EE Armor <level>
EndlessEnchant.Enchantments - /EE Enchantments EndlessEnchant.Kits.Swords - Able to do /EE Swords <level>
EndlessEnchant.Enchant.* - /EE Add (or enchantment name) <name/level> <level> EndlessEnchant.Kits.Tools - Able to do /EE Tools <level>
EndlessEnchant.Disenchant - /EE Remove EndlessEnchant.Kits.Bows - Able to do /EE Bows <level>
EndlessEnchant.Enchant - /EE Add (Enchanting items up to a limit)


Plugin Review

I made my own review/tutorial of this plugin to help any of you that are lost.


Any questions or bugs? I'd be happy to squash 'em!​

If you do happen to have any trouble with this plugin, go ahead and post a comment below! :)


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