EnderSurfer v1.10


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    Jun 20, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10


EnderSurfer v1.10

  • Added a new permission: endersurfer.elytra! (see more in the project's description).
  • Simpler code is used for the particles now!
  • Smooth implementation of elytra and ender pearl usage (see more in the project's description).
  • Removed command: /es reloadConfig. Changes are applied after server restart (due to it being inefficient otherwise).
  • Default velocity multiplier is now set to 7.

EnderSurfer v1.9

  • Permissions have been revamped!
  • Added the ability to disable the plugin for certain worlds.
  • Improved customisability (now particles, fall damage and damage on air (after throwing an ender pearl) can be disabled per player).
  • Added command: /es reloadConfig (mainly used for applying the changes on the configuration file, after disabling the plugin for certain worlds)

EnderSurfer v1.8.1

  • Fixed a bug in which the player would die if they landed with a very small velocity, while looking down.
  • Changed permissions (just the names, now they have an endersurfer prefix).

EnderSurfer v1.8

  • Added a particle trail while a player is flying (after using an ender pearl of course).
  • Added the ability to turn off the particle trail.
  • Added a show-particles permission, which essentially determines who can leave a particle trail.
  • Commands have been revamped! Now every command can be accessed only when you do /endersurfer <command here>
  • Fixed a bug in which, if a player looked down when throwing an ender pearl, then the first time he'd take fall damage, it would be cancelled.
  • Fixed a bug (which occured only on 1.8 servers) where endermites would not spawn after throwing an ender pearl.
  • Added auto-completion for the commands.

EnderSurfer v1.7

  • Finally fixed the bug where if two people throw ender pearls, the first one dies. Once and forever.

EnderSurfer v1.6

  • Small but noticable improvements on commands.
  • Fixed a bug where if the player was touching the ground, they would not travel as smooth as if they were not touching it.
  • Added permissions finally!
  • Improved damage taking (slight change).
  • Fixed a possible bug which could cause errors on the console.

EnderSurfer v1.5

  • Fixed a bug where if a player threw an ender pearl, then he would not get fall damage at all for the rest of his join.

EnderSurfer v1.4

  • Fixed a bug where if two or more players threw an ender pearl simultaneously, only one of them would not get damage. The other would take damage based on the game's calculations, not the plugin's.

EnderSurver v1.3

  • From now on, when a player throws an ender pearl and dmg-on-air is true, they won't be damaged when they hit the ground. If set to false, they will get damage, though.

EnderSurfer v1.2

  • Added command /setDamageOnAir. Can be set to either true or false. If set to true, it damages the player on each throw by the number you specify in the /setHearts command.

EnderSurfer v1.1

  • Reduced lag by adding the player's UUID in the list, not the player himself.
  • Fixed a minor bug in which the player was added in the list as many times as they threw an ender pearl and thus didn't get fall damage since they were in the list.
  • If the player is sneaking, they will throw the ender pearl in the usual way.

EnderSurfer 1.0

First public release


  • Added /setHearts command.
  • Added /setVelocityMultiplier command.