Ender Portal Fix for Tekkit

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Ender Portal Fix for Tekkit fixes the problem with Tekkit 3.1.* where the End seems to be empty when you are really just far away from its center as the island is at 0, 64, 0.


  1. Copy the jar (EnderPortalFix_Tekkit.jar) to your plugins folder
  2. Run your server once (Start then stop it once its fully started)
  3. Edit the config in plugins/EnderPortalFix_Tekkit/config.yml with the X, Y & Z coords for your End Island (Use creative mode to get the correct coords)
  4. Save config and restart server
Known Problems
  • Any and all teleports TO the End environment world will put you at these config file coords (Logging in, /back command, a working end portal, etc) - This is because the TeleportCause doesn't seem to be returning END_PORTAL only UNKNOWN when using Ender Portals.


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