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This may be named identical to another project, End Reset, but they were created approximately the same time. They serve the same purpose, but as of writing this the other mod only supports 1.3.2, I plan to support 1.4.7, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, future updates may not be guaranteed (may not need to be updated if I code it well).


A simple plugin to control the respawning of the Ender Dragon and the Ender Crystals.

  • Ability to disable specific end type worlds from mod control.
  • Configurable respawn time, supporting server reloads/shutdowns.
  • No control over block destruction in the end, no plans to control that ever. Use a different mod for protections on that.
  • Only one portal is ever created per world, if you delete the world, delete the config file section for that world.
  • FUTURE: Eventually will have the ability to prevent players from leaving if the dragon is alive.
  • FUTURE: Also will eventually have the ability to prevent players from entering if the dragon is dead.

Each world has a subsection of the config. All of these are assumed to have the prefix: World_Name

  • Enabled: true / false - Controls if the world is managed by End Reset. Boolean value.
  • Respawn-Time: Time in seconds - Changes the respawn time of the dragon and crystals. Integer value greater than 0
  • Unallow-Leave: true / false - Prevents players from leaving the end while the dragon is alive. Unimplemented! Boolean value.
  • Leave-End-Failed-Message: String - Message players receive when they cannot leave (Unallow-Leave = true). Unimplemented! String value.
  • Currently-Dead-Lockout: true / false - Prevents players from entering if the dragon is dead. Unimplemented! Boolean value.
  • Currently-Dead-Message: String - Message players receive when they cannot enter(Currently-Dead-Lockout = true). Unimplemented! String value.
  • SYSTEM and subsection, these are all values used to save dragon status, respawn location and respawn time. Do not edit this, you will break something probably. These values eventually get overwritten, they are temporary.
  • EndInfo - Allows you to view the status of the plugin and the dragons in each loaded/active worlds. Aliases are "ei" and "endreloadinfo" - REQUIRES the EndReset.Admin permission
  • EndReset.Admin - Flag a user as an EndReset administrator, allowing use of commands.
  • Java 1.7 or newer.
  • Bukkit 1.5.2 or newer.
  • Plugins that do not conflict. (list yet to be built, working as issues arise)

I will not set the plugin up for you, but if I have time I will help diagnose your issue/error. These methods are great ways to contact me:

  • Bukkit PM
  • Steam - My Profile
  • TeamSpeak - IP:
  • Email - dev at


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