1.2.4 beta release


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    Oct 3, 2020
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  • 1.16


The reason this is a beta release is that I've changed something that I cannot easily test for, so please, for the love of god, report any issue you find here or directly to me via discord tristellar#9022 or DM-ing me via the distribution plattform


Basically the Lumber, Shred, Mow, Pierce, Extraction and Plough enchantments are no longer prioritized, so there is going to be an issue with those enchantments, if the code I removed existed for a reason.

I talked about this issue with the maintainer of the upstream repo, and he doesn't seem to exactly know to why as the code existed in the first place and according to him was used to shuffle enchantments with the anvil, which failed because it was a treemap (there's no treemap) that sorted itself automatically.

The exact reasoning behind the code is unknown and so are the long-term effects, but removing it would mean that up to (in cases where everyone is equiped even above) 2520 comparisions and 36 LinkedHashMap.contains() operations (along other things) are saved every tick for every player, which would be a massive performance boost, especially for larger servers


Feel free to use this version with knowing that there will be bugs, however those will be rather obscure, so you may not easily find them