Tim The Enchanter

Hey everyone! I have here for you a simple plugin which lets you enchant your items.

What's so cool about this plugin? You define how you add the enchantments by name!


Cool, isn't it?


Enchant your items!
Customize names you can use to add enchantments!


lets you enchant your items
lets you enchant items to levels above that enchantment's normal level (up to level 127!)
lets you reload the list of names for enchantments


/enchant <enchantment> <level>
Enchant your currently held item to the level you choose
/enchant protect 3
/enchant 49 1

/enchant <enchantment> <level> max
Enchant your currently held item to the maximum natural level (highest you can get from a enchantment table!)
/enchant sharpness max

/enchant all
Enchant your currently held item with all enchantments to the highest level you can enchant to (Depending on permission enchanter.dirty)

/enchant all natural
Enchant your currently held item with all enchantments to the highest in-game reachable levels


You define what the enchantments can be called with in the commands! The file to edit is config.yml inside plugins/TimTheEnchanter folder. The plugin comes with some default names, only added on first run, and they are listed below. When a new enchantment comes out, be sure to add a new line for it! I will keep a list up to date below with the latest default names, so if an update comes out for Minecraft, check here for new enchantment names to add to the plugin's config.yml

protection: 0
protect: 0
fireprotection: 1
fireprotect: 1
featherfalling: 2
blastprotect: 3
blastprotection: 3
projectileprotection: 4
projectileprotect: 4
respiration: 5
aquaaffinity: 6
wateraffinity: 6
thorns: 7
sharpness: 16
sharp: 16
smite: 17
baneofarthropods: 18
knockback: 19
fireaspect: 20
looting: 21
loot: 21
efficiency: 32
efficient: 32
silktouch: 33
unbreaking: 34
fortune: 35
power: 48
punch: 49
flame: 50
infinity: 51
infinite: 51


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