Enchantment Limiter 2.4


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    Jul 7, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8



  • Added: new config Message on restore XP that if false disables message to user when downgrading enchants.


  • Fixed: NPE on limited book enchant.
  • Added: villager trade support
    • some villagers trade for enchanted items or books
    • if Downgrade in anvil is true, will downgrade item and attempt to return a proportional amount of traded items.

2.2: Dupe bug!

  • Fixed: bug that allowed duplicating items in anvil when "dropping" illegal result [reported by Headpipe]


  • Fixed: When all enchants in enchanting table are illegal, used to get "stuck" with illegal enchants always selectable (due to new enchanting mechanism since 1.8). Now clears the enchanting selections every time.
    • caveat: there is an "enchanting" sound even when the original object is returned.
    • always returns XP and lapis if returning the original unenchanted item.
    • caveat: if there is frequently a disallowed enchant on the table (say, sharpness-1 for swords) then it makes an easy way for a player to cycle through available enchants to find one they like, since there is no cost for the "illegal" enchant


  • Fixed: when using 1.8, NPE on inventory open with "java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: SHIELD"


  • Fixed:
    • now works in 1.10, but should also work in 1.9 and 1.8 environments.
    • NPE on armor equipping
  • Added
    • Now checks shields when equipping as well.


  • Added: support "UNKNOWN_ENCHANT_"<#> in disallowed enchants. This permits blocking other plugins new enchants if you know the ID number.
    • ID number must be supplied as last part of that string.
    • To work, other plugins need to extend Bukkit Enchantments class, and be loaded before this one.
    • I tested with my Unbreakable Items plugin which uses ID 144.
    • Sorry for the fast updates; didn't think I'd have time to fit this in.
  • Fixed: bit.ly link to enchantment names


  • Fixed: made Stop repairs and Stop all repairs catch repairs using raw materials. Ticket 7]


  • Fixed: wasn't supporting ALL_BARDING properly
  • Added: new config item Stop all repairs and associated permission allrepairs

1.5.4: yes, went through three test versions until release

  • Fixed: Hotbar duplication bugs in Anvil Ticket 3.
  • Added:
    • Apply_on_global_check: new config node that allows referring to Disallowed anvil and/or table lists during item spawn, player pickup, or player hold events, respectively controlled by Fix spawned items, Stop pickup, Fix held items
      • three subsidiary items control these
      • Apply_on_global_check.anvil: if true, then Disallowed anvil enchants will also be checked during those events. Default is false
      • Apply_on_global_check.table: if true, then Disallowed table enchants will also be checked during those events. Default is false
      • both of above can be true, if desired.
      • Apply_on_global_check.restrictive: if true, the highest possible level will be used in case of conflict between Disalllowed enhants and the others. If false, the lowest enchant level will be used. Default is true.
    • New feature to control armor use during equippage
      • if Fix held items is true, "fix" illegal armor as it is equipped normally.
      • if false, equip event will be cancelled with Message on cancel hold to player
      • also applies when user equips/receives armor from a dispenser (must be immediately in front of it)
    • Related new feature, if Fix held items is false, to cancel using an illegal item when held
      • works for weapons, tools, and armor. Latter cancels right-click to equip armor
      • new permission enchlimiter.useillegal if true, overrides this effect.
        • default is Op only.
      • Note: there is a Bukkit bug that can lose the "hold event" sometimes, so the new default value is true; otherwise, user can spam the button until they are able to use the illegal item.
    • New Downgrade in anvil, if true, allows using illegal items in anvil by downgrading the result
      • if detected when placing an item, warnings will be posted to user with new "Warn" messages
      • if detected when taking result, action will be permitted but result will be downgraded
      • Default is false.
      • If false, Stop repairs still applies.
    • New command options for el set
      • Added new option to set message
        • message hold true enables Message on cancel hold
      • new set global options with three possibilities:
        • set global table true|false will set Apply_on_global_check.table
        • set global anvil true|false will set Apply_on_global_check.anvil
        • set global restrictive true|false will set Apply_on_global_check.restrictive
  • Changed:
    • New default for Fix held items is true; see above Note.
    • Removed Downgrade repairs in favor of new Downgrade in anvil
      • Command el set downgrade on|off now sets Downgrade in anvil.

1.4: Big new feature

  • Added:
    • new config Fix held items which will "fix" (remove disallowed enchants) from all items put into player's hands. Default false
    • new el set command hold which toggles above
    • new command elfix, which fixes items in hand or inventory
      • with no options, fixes item in hand
      • with books option, fixes all books in inventory (in case you picked up illegal books)
      • with all option, fixes all items in player's inventory
      • by default, any player can use
    • New config item Disallowed anvil enchants that only applies in anvil and can override global settings in Disallowed enchants
      • same format as global Disallowed enchants
    • New config item Disallowed table enchants that only applies in enchantment table and can override global settings.
    • New Group_<name> syntax allowed within any of disallowed enchant configs.
      • each group has an associated permission enchlimiter.Group_<name> which, if player has it, the group limits do not apply.
      • otherwise, the limits override the global settings (ex. so you restrict level 3 in global, but restrict to level 1 in group).
      • can use same group name within each of Disallowed enchants, Disallowed anvil enchants, Disallowed table enchants
      • this allows you to create special groups/classes of players that are the only ones who can perform their restricted enchants
  • Fixed:
    • bug 'can't find jar file' on Windows 7 64 bit when directory name has a space

1.3.2: Bug fixes and one new feature

  • Changed:
    • restore anvil durability if have to cancel an anvil event
    • BOOK or ENCHANTED_BOOK are equivalent and apply to one another in Disallowed enchants
    • message on rare occurrence that can't cancel an anvil enchant now reads:
      • "<player> closed inventory or anvil died and got an illegal item: <crafted details>"
  • Added:
    • Infinite anvils: new config item that repairs anvil whenever it is used, such that it never wears out.
      • new associated command option for set el set infinite true|false
  • Fixed:
    • NPE when renaming an item in an anvil
    • occasional NPE when using an anvil and have to cancel the event
    • book+book enchants which exceeded Disallowed enchants were not being caught
    • removed shift-click in anvil result item duplication bug

1.2: Many changes, but not all tested

  • Fixed: NPE when enchanting books with a disallowed enchant > 1. Ticket 2.
  • Added:
    • Allow repairs: new config item that allows repairing disallowed items in an anvil. Default = false
      • note that repairs are defined as same items in each slot, rightmost item has no enchants. Anything else might be an attempt to boost enchants.
        • this does mean that some repairs won't work, such as two identically enchanted items except for wear. It's costly to repair this way; suggest repairing each tool individually
      • related new permission, enchlimiter.repairs, allows repairs even if not configured to.
    • Downgrade repairs: new config item that downgrades repaired items until they are legal; if that is not possible, repair is disallowed
      • only active when Allow repairs is true
      • related new permission, enchlimiter.repairs.nodowngrade ignores if Downgrade repairs is true.
    • Fix spawned items: new config flag, which if you set to true will allow downgrade or remove illegal enchants from spawned items. Default false.
      • impacts any item "dropped" like mob drops, player drops, or fishing.
      • this behavior used to be the case when Stop pickup was true; now you have individual control.
    • set command of base el command permits changing boolean configuration values
      • requires further to detail desired boolean:
      • multiples on|true allows multiple enchanted items. Use off or false to restrict multiples.
      • pickup on|true allows pickup of disallowed items, which will then be "fixed" so they can be used
        • set to off|false to disallow pickup of illegal enchanted items.
      • punish on|true allows punishing the player (not restoring XP) who attempted an illegal anvil action
      • repairs on enables repair protections; set off|false to permit players to repair (but not create) disallowed items
      • spawns on|true allows spawned items to have disallowed enchants
        • set to off|false to downgrade or remove disallowed enchants on spawned items
      • downgrade on when repairs are allowed, will attempt to downgrade repair to allowed level.
        • if cannot downgrade (ex. disallowed level is 1) the repair will not be allowed.
        • effectively sets Downgrade repairs config item.
      • message option allows setting one of three 'Message' config items
        • message cancel true enables Message on cancel
        • message limit true enables Message on limit
        • message disallowed true enables Message on disallowed
    • save command of base el command permits saving your changed configuration to config.yml


  • Fixed: bug that allowed bypassing limits with Shift-clicking
  • Added: el admin command
    • alias is enchlimiter if el is already in use
    • only available command today is reload, which you would run after editing your config.yml

1.0: Restore XP on cancelled anvil actions

  • Fixed:
    • Added new config Restore levels that restores XP on cancelled enchant added in 0.9
      • default is different than 0.9 and is true
      • if you want same behavior as 0.9 (to punish?) set to false
      • See history below for explanation

0.9: Fixed some loopholes

  • Added:
    • guard against combining like-enchanted items in anvil to get disallowed enchant level
    • guard against combining already-enchanted item with low-level book to get illegal enchant level
    • fail-safe check to prevent picking up illegal item out of anvil result slot
      • issues new attempted3 server log that user "almost took result of" disallowed anvil
        • because you have to try pretty hard (most of the time) to get this to happen, you might want to punish repeat offenders
      • this is because Bukkit sometimes doesn't provide, or loses, the placement inventoryClickEvent (see Caveats below) from client->server
      • when undoing the anvil action, the two crafting ingredients are placed back into the anvil, and the illegal item deleted.
      • BUT, experience is not currently returned.
        • you may like this, to keep as "punishment" for trying to cut corners
        • but rarely, the first time you place an item it may not get caught by normal checks so people might still complain.

0.8: More features!

  • Added: guards against world-generated items (like fishing, or mobs)
    • checks items you pick up, and either you cannot or removes the restricted enchant(s).
      • by default, removes the restricted enchants. Note that the item may lose all enchants
      • or set Stop pickup to true and you won't even be able to pick it up.
        • recommend this if you have some players with disallowed or multiple permissions; they can take the item
        • has built-in restriction on messaging to prevent repeats, but
        • if player sits on top of the item, he will be given a chat message every 2 seconds
    • Also silently checks spawned/dropped items as they appear, modifying if Stop pickup is NOT set
  • Changed:
    • disallowed enchants will not be completely removed, but reduced to highest allowed level
      • XP returned is calculated proportionally at the enchant table.
      • if disallowed level is 1, enchant will be removed
      • I have ideas to fix this, but wish to get this version out now as it may take time.

0.7: More features

  • Added:
  • Changed:
    • XP return algorithm more generous, and proportional to the entire enchantment operation
    • message to users informs them of returned XP.

0.6: further features

  • Added:
    • "Disallowed enchants" works on anvils
    • "ALL" disallowed enchantment now configurable.

0.5: Added "Disallowed enchants" feature

  • Not yet working on anvils

0.3: Included default languages/lang-eng.yml


  • Removed : some debug messages to console.

first release

  1. Custom enchanting plugins must follow caveats to be affected by this.

Fixed in 2.0: Bukkit 1.7.9 BUG: sometimes (1/10 times) reducing an enchantment level in a table still gives user original level item. Need to track down if still exists in 1.8. Mitigation: set disallowed levels to 1, so removed completely.

Fixed in 2.0: Does NOT support 1.8 enchanting, different costs & lapis.

Fixed in 1.4: Under Windows, if a directory name in path to plugins contains a space, cannot add more languages from jar (currently there are none, so not an issue yet).

Fixed in 1.0: Sometimes able, with enough attempts, to get anvil enchant with blocked enchant to be allowed. When picking up that item, effect is undone except for XP expended is not returned.