Enchantment Limiter 0.9


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    Jun 22, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


0.9: Fixed some loopholes

  • Added:
    • guard against combining like-enchanted items in anvil to get disallowed enchant level
    • guard against combining already-enchanted item with low-level book to get illegal enchant level
    • fail-safe check to prevent picking up illegal item out of anvil result slot
      • issues new attempted3 server log that user "almost took result of" disallowed anvil
        • because you have to try pretty hard (most of the time) to get this to happen, you might want to punish repeat offenders
      • this is because Bukkit sometimes doesn't provide, or loses, the placement inventoryClickEvent (see Caveats below) from client->server
      • when undoing the anvil action, the two crafting ingredients are placed back into the anvil, and the illegal item deleted.
      • BUT, experience is not currently returned.
        • you may like this, to keep as "punishment" for trying to cut corners
        • but rarely, the first time you place an item it may not get caught by normal checks so people might still complain.

0.8: More features!

  • Added: guards against world-generated items (like fishing, or mobs)
    • checks items you pick up, and either you cannot or removes the restricted enchant(s).
      • by default, removes the restricted enchants. Note that the item may lose all enchants
      • or set Stop pickup to true and you won't even be able to pick it up.
        • recommend this if you have some players with disallowed or multiple permissions; they can take the item
        • has built-in restriction on messaging to prevent repeats, but
        • if player sits on top of the item, he will be given a chat message every 2 seconds
    • Also silently checks spawned/dropped items as they appear, modifying if Stop pickup is NOT set
  • Changed:
    • disallowed enchants will not be completely removed, but reduced to highest allowed level
      • XP returned is calculated proportionally at the enchant table.
      • if disallowed level is 1, enchant will be removed
      • I have ideas to fix this, but wish to get this version out now as it may take time.

0.7: More features

  • Added:
  • Changed:
    • XP return algorithm more generous, and proportional to the entire enchantment operation
    • message to users informs them of returned XP.

0.6: further features

  • Added:
    • "Disallowed enchants" works on anvils
    • "ALL" disallowed enchantment now configurable.

0.5: Added "Disallowed enchants" feature

  • Not yet working on anvils

0.3: Included default languages/lang-eng.yml


  • Removed : some debug messages to console.

first release

  1. Sometimes able, with enough attempts, to get anvil enchant with blocked enchant to be allowed. When picking up that item, effect is undone except for XP expended is not returned.