SuperFly (formerly EmptyInventory)

This plugin is built to serve many purposes. It allows players to empty their inventories quickly and easily when they get cluttered. It allows moderators to empty players' inventories for grief prevention or punishment on survival servers. It allows players with a permission to fly faster than normal. These are just some of the many uses for EmptyInventory.


-Quickly empty your inventory in only 3 keystrokes!
-Empty other players' inventories!
-Easily remove dropped items from any world and reduce lag!
-Easily remove minecarts that aren't in use to reduce lag!
-Change your fly speed up to 10 times the normal speed!
-Option to block all weather on your server with configuration file!
-Option to block ice and/or snow accumulation on your server!


[brackets mean optional]

/ei [player] - Empties your inventory if no player specified; can empty another player's inventory. Works from console!
/rmdrops [world] - Removes drops in specified world. Works from console! If no world specified, uses your current one.
/rmcarts [world] - Removes minecarts in specified world. Works from console! If no world specified, uses your current one.
/flyspeed <speed> - Changes your fly speed. Can be a value from 1 to 100. 10 is the default speed.
/fs <speed> - Same as above.
/resetspeed - Sets your fly speed back to normal.
/rs - Same as above.
/eihelp - Displays help screen and plugin version.


emptyinventory.* - gives access to all commands
emptyinventory.ei - allows user to use /ei. Default is false.
emptyinventory.ei.others - lets user use /ei {player}. Default is false.
emptyinventory.rmdrops - lets you remove drops. Default is false.
emptyinventory.rmcarts - lets you remove carts. Default is false.
emptyinventory.flyspeed - lets you change your fly speed. Default is false.
emptyinventory.resetspeed - lets you reset your fly speed. Default is false.
emptyinventory.eihelp - lets you see the help screen with version. Default is false.

To do:

-add ability to change other players' fly speeds

I appreciate feedback in the comments! Please report any problems with a ticket! Thanks!


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