Key Features

KEY Features

  • Design set, auto-build structures (Done): Based on configs, when village owners or managers type a build command such as /vil build mine, over the course of 30 minutes, an hour etc. (based on time place interval per block in that structure config), depending on if you have the option require materials on or off, it will slowly build that structure over time, one block up till complete, if its on then it will require you to put the materials in a chest on the plot/chunk area and will take those materials to do so. Once these structures are complete, and depending on how its defined it will produce 1 iron ingot or 5 gold ingots for the cost of nothing, 100$ upkeep, or 1 coal etc. per hour (Configurable down to the second per structure), and these buildings can also produce money instead of blocks as a secondary or primary option. As for defense buildings you will be able to build structures such as walls or archer towers that will fire at enemy's if they come within range, every building being rotatable to suit your castle format. Also upgrades, different structures can branch off into others such as a basic farm can be upgraded to a pumpkin farm or melon farm etc., and when upgrading will require the materials or just change over time (only blocks that are different)
  • Unique war system (Done): Personally, i haven't done any towny or faction wars (i know its sad) but i do have a brilliant idea for how to do the war system with this plugin. During a war, ever plot of land (claimed or unclaimed as long as its not a structure) will be vulnerable for destruction by the enemy village(s), and the only way to win these wars is by agreeing upon a truce or destroying the enemies village home base(structure). Every building will have a certain set amount of hp and during a war, the players must destroy the blocks in the enemies structures territory which then will *bleed*producing a firework (to alert you of structure damage) and that block will immediately regenerate itself until destroyed where that structure will then (no longer exists) and the blocks in that area will become destroy able. When a structure is damaged (lost health), you must repair it by putting blocks into its chest or it will not produce its income/operate (unless its an archer tower or defensive structure etc.) Once the main/base structure is destroyed, all other structures will also collapse, all plot claims will be lost and the village will have to re-assemble somewhere else. In other words, don't be a war maniac and make sure you have supreme defenses! To help avoid brutal annihilation of villages, wars will start 24 hours (Configurable) after being declared and give frequent messages to both sides of the war until it is over, and the cost to declare a war will increase based on how many players you have in the village (war is expensive). Main reasons to go to war: You hate the other village, you want their land, if they are afk they might have a lot of money in the bank which will be sent to you if the are destroyed.
  • Empires (Done-ish/just needs some hardcore testing now xD): Village owners will be able to create empires, which is like a towny nation etc. When creating an empire, you are creating a village at the same village since an empire consists of many (minimum 2 villages). The command will be something like /ec create empire <player> <name> where player will be the member or manager of your current village that you will be promoting to the owner of this new village which is automatically set as part of your empire. As the owner of the empire, you will always remain the owner of your current village (every ruler needs a home), and from there you can set the 24 hour tax for all members of your village and from your own village you can keep creating new subject villages for your empire. Now this is where it gets interesting, as you create these villages they have full independence to you, in terms of they can leave at any point they want (don't be harsh on your taxes), in which if you are the last village in the empire, your emperor status will be removed. So why risk making an empire? When you create these smaller villages you must make wise decisions and have threats behind your words, and make sure everyone's in place for there is plenty room for betrayal, and when empires declare war on each other every village in both empires are set to war against the other villages (no village truce allowed). There will be a 48 hour delay before an emperor war starts. This essentially makes a new aspect to the entire game play, especially on populated servers for it adds a huge diplomacy-risk factor to the game. Power is the aim, but are you willing to take the risk to achieve it?
  • Structure Types: Archer Towers (can shoot at any *enemy* within a chunk of land owned by you or an ally (within a specific configurable radius]), Normal (income/item conversion buildings, even walls)(Done), War Camps (can be in different worlds and does not have to be connected to any other claimed plots [These camps can be used as a new source to claim land {along side it}]){also done, jtlyk}, Barracks (Can produce npc troops that you can assign to guard points, follow you, or attack move to certain co-ordinates). NOTE: Barracks will be added after the empires update which will be added after the release of this plugin
  • Barbarians/Outcasts/Pirates: AIl that can be pre-spawned into the world at a configured radius, they are always at war with everyone, they can evolve there village over time focusing on structures like barracks and will attack anyone on sight, even engage nearby towns through squads of npcs.
  • A very nice, organized layout so it wont be too challenging to get into (lots of colored text etc.)(Doneish)
  • Apart from all this, essentially all the main features that factions or towny would offer, such as claiming land, inviting players to join your village, setting them as managers, kicking players from your village etc. (Done)