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Welcome to the new and ultimate alternative to the towny/faction series. This plugin will allow you to create magnificent empires containing many villages within, and within these villages you can create castles! Through much customization and flexibility, the owners of the servers will be able to create the building designs that you can build to produce defenses and/or income (i will provide some default designs and a page to post yours when it is finished.), where you will get to rebuild these buildings one block at a time until complete where these structures will become functional giving you a sustainable economy to a growing power, but power isn't free. On your quest to world domination you will encounter enemy villages, specifically resulting in wars where you must destroy the enemy structures to win by breaking the different blocks on the structure to take down its hp, and when the rank/main structure has fallen the village is removed/massacred and you have won the war.

Getting Started

New to Empirecraft? This is a must read, skip this and you will be confused for a long time or miss out on some key advantages over other villages. When you first join an Empirecraft server you may not be able to create a village right away for it may cost some money to do so, but that doesn't mean you cant do anything at this point in time. For starters you could check out the area and look for nearby claimed village locations using /ec map where the upper part of the map is directed north like a compass, and if you find/enter a village that you find suitable to join then you can type /ec join <village name> to apply to join it.

Life As A Villager

This applies to everyone in the village. If the village owner or manager accepts you into the village then you unlock a whole new command system, the /vil member. From this you unlock a teleport /vil member home, which will teleport you to the villages rank structure, tp location after a specified delay of not moving, and hopefully a village manager or owner will assign you to a chunk of land that you can call home using /vil member buyplot while standing in the designated forsale area. Once you've obtained some village land you can change some of the public settings to suite your liking using /vil member permlist and /vil member setperm, to allow specific players, allys, outsiders, etc to modify blocks in your land, use buttons etc. While in someone else's village it is important that you take note of their statistics and taxes using /vil member info and /vil member tax to keep track of what your paying to live in their village, and if its too much you can simply leave using /vil member leave.

Promoted To A Village Manager

This applies to the owner and managers of the village. Once you get promoted to a manager rank in the village you unlock the /vil manage commands. These commands allow you to help shape the village, manage, and sustain it when the owner isn't on. You can now invite players to join the village by typing /vil manage invite <name>, kick players using /vil manage kick <name>, and accept or deny players using /vil manage accept/deny <name> for players who've applied to join the village. You now also have access to the village vault, use /vil member info to view the amount of cash in the village, and you can use /vil manage withdraw <$$$$> to take money out (providing there's enough there). You can now claim land by standing in a chunk beside claimed village land and typing /vil manage claim, you can unclaim with /vil manage unclaim while standing in a claimed chunk of land that does not contain a structure in it, and if it does use /vil manage takedown to get rid of it first. You can also put up land forsale for village members to purchase by typing /vil manage forsale <$$$$>, remove the forsale of the plot using /vil manage notforsale, and take away plots from players by using /vil manage revokeplot. You can also set the village home spawn point using /vil manage sethome (you must be in ther rank chunk in order to do so), and you can build structures using /vil manage build <structure> in a claimed chunk of land.

Leading A Village As An Owner

This only applies to the village owner. Once you have successfully created a village, there are a few KEY things that you need to know before you get lost in confusion and frustration. First off, each village has a rank structure, it is the heart of the village and sets your limits, such as max members, max of each type of buildings etc. In wars this is the building that marks victory or defeat, if it is ever destroyed you lose the war and you lose all your protections, members, essentially your village is deleted. The placement and protection of this structure is vital, from its creation point you can claim surrounding land, build other structures etc. Once you've found a valid chunk spot type /vil manage build <name> (providing its a rank structure type which you can search for using /vil manage buildlist). What should happen now is the land will clear of any blocks that don't match the structures blueprints and there should be a chest somewhere in the chunk that will contain a book. Once the structure has cleared the land it needs, it will start consuming certain materials, hence building the structure. Once it is complete, your village rank will change to that of the structure you just built and your limitations will be lessened allowing you to build more stuff, have a bigger village, more plots to claim etc. You can also set specific village properties such as its description for members and managers to see using /vil owner description <text>, set the daily tax using /vil owner settax <$$$$>, enable or disable properties that occur in any of the villages claimed territory such as mob spawning, explosions, fire, or pvp using /vil owner togglesetting <type> <on/off>. If players fail to pay the daily tax then they will go in *debt* in which you can view their debt using /vil owner viewdebt, and if you decide they are too low you can choose to kick them, and you can also see players whove donated more than the daily pay. The other key thing that you control is your diplomacy with other villages, which its base command is /vil owner diplomacy. You can declare a war on other villages which generally has a delay of 24 hours since its such a vital event, using the command /vil owner diplomacy war <name>, and if at any point of time both you and the owner of the other village want to end the war you must use the command /vil owner diplomacy truce <name>. You can also request a truce with other villages if your relationship is neutral with them using the command /vil owner diplomacy alliance <name>, and the other village can agree to the truce or alliance using the command /vil owner diplomacy acceptrequest/denyrequest <name>. If your village becomes too big to handle by yourself you can promote players to village managers using /vil owner promote <name>, but be warned they have access to ALOT of power so choose your managers wisely, and you can demote them back to members using /vil owner demote <name>. If you ever feel the need to give up on your village you can surrender/delete it all with /vil owner abandon or pass ownership using /vil owner retire <name> (There is NO going back on this so be careful).


Structures are at the heart of what makes this plugin amazing and unique, it gives you the power to do anything, kind of like what Tekkit does in a different way. Structures can do various things depending on the type that it is, for instance it can produce income such as $ or iron ingots etc. as x seconds/mins/hours goes by, or it might convert 2 coal into 1 diamond etc. Currently there are only 2 types of structures, Normal and Rank.

Rank: There can only be one rank structure in the village and it is the first building you will build/is the first plot you will claim, because it is the heart of your village and is what defines all your limitations (it can be upgraded), such as the max number of villagers that you can have in your village, the max number of plots that you can claim, and and structure limits that might be there, if you are allowed to build them at all. It can have an upkeep cost that only applies during tax time, so be careful to never have a below 0 income at tax time or else your village survival will be in danger.

Normal: This is what the average structure type will be, it is built on any claimed village land. This structure is generally used for defense such as a castle wall, income, such as producing money every x seconds, or item conversion such as coal into diamonds or gold ingots into $. These structures have their own income time and can be used in various ways.


Every structure has its own specific max hp. During building creation its hp starts at 1, every block that is built increases its hp by its specific amount defined in the config, until it reaches the cap/max. Once the structure has completed building its hp is instantly set to its max and its income/production may begin (if it has any). The structures hp is vital to survival during village wars. Once a war is declared your rank structure is the most important thing you have to protect, NEVER leave it unguarded or else you may lose everything you've accomplished within your village. This is the target structure to win the wars, you must balance offence and defense to be successful, destroy that structure and you win the vault of the other village and can claim their now unprotected territory, lose and the same happens to you. To destroy this structure as well as any structure in an enemy's territory you just have to destroy that structures blocks with anything such as a pickaxe and it will deal the appropriate amount of damage. Once the structures hp is at 0, it is destroyed and you can start to grief it/go past it, and to check a structures hp just use /ec info, and its hp will be shown Player owned plots or any other plots within the enemy village are completely grief able/unprotected from your enemy, so protect your valuables/put them in hiding before the war starts. Never declare a war without purpose, for it could be the worst decision you ever make.


It is now past midnight... So fk it i am now going to bed so gnight ill update this later >.<


This is a MUST read if you are the server owner or are setting up the plugin for the first time. There is one thing you NEED to know, this plugin is not ready for play upon download and will give you errors otherwise. This plugin is meant for perfection, unlimited possibilities, allowing you to create the server off your dream, but i cannot know what you want, in other words you must do so with the tools/options i provide. If you do not have the time to do so, you can always import files from this page, where you will be able to find my basic setups along with anyone else who wishes to share their files. If you import then you can simply just modify the config as you seek but if you want to create the structures and make the perfect server then i will explain how to do so below.

This plugin revolves around structures, for specifics on what each type does look at the Structure and Wars section above. No matter what you'll need at least one rank structure created. To make these structures find a clear area to build, and mark out its surroundings chunk wise, because all structure's are based on chunk sizes, in other words give yourself an outline so you know how to build it and don't over or under size it. Then leave a space around all the edges as a path so there's always a way to get around the building encase you clump a group together. Now build within that size and when you have finished type the command /ec admin create structure <height> <type> <name>, height being the size, which is always the chunk width by length by height ranging from the block your standing on when you type this command to height blocks up from that. For instance if the height was 2 it would save the block your standing on and the next layer up, dimensions being 16*16*2. Afterwards you should always build it in a village just to make sure it looks right and you can always modify its .yml file in the structure folder if there's an extra layer of blocks etc. Once you've created a bunch of these structures you can perfect them and make them do stuff in the config file. I have personally separated the rank structures from every other structure type to make it easier to manage since the rank structures directly relate to each other. To help manage the structure and rank's section use this page: Other than that remember to change the default rank to either a structure or create your own for its the rank villages are given upon the creation, and at the time you may or may not want to tax them, allow them to build specific rank structures, claim plots until the main structure is built or have anyone else join the village.