Empirecraft v0.6.2


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    Jun 27, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


Version 0.6.2

new commands

  • /vil owner diplomacy togglesetting
  • /vil owner diplomacy settinglist
  • /vil member setperm
  • /vil member permlist
  • /ec villagelist
  • /vil member memberlist
  • /vil member managerlist
  • /vil member relations
  • /vil member permlist
  • /vil owner diplomacy acceptrequest <village>
  • /vil owner diplomacy denyrequest <village>
  • vil owner diplomacy requestlist empirecraft "/ec apply" changed to "/ec join"

CODE REWORKED/ADDED (some are new, everything was redone)

  • /ec create
  • /ec join (changed from /ec apply)
  • /ec invitations
  • /ec villagelist
  • /vil owner retire
  • /vil owner promote
  • /vil owner demote
  • /vil owner abandon
  • /vil owner settax
  • /vil owner description
  • /vil owner settinglist
  • /vil owner diplomacy war
  • /vil owner diplomacy truce
  • /vil owner diplomacy alliance
  • /vil owner diplomacy neutralize
  • /vil owner diplomacy acceptrequest
  • /vil owner diplomacy denyrequest
  • /vil owner diplomacy requestlist
  • /vil manage invite
  • /vil manage kick
  • /vil manage applications
  • /vil manage accept
  • /vil manage deny
  • /vil member leave
  • /vil member memberlist
  • /vil member managerlist
  • /vil member relations

Did another huge data re-format (should be the last time), in other words all the below commands need to be tested version 0.5.0 was uploaded on the 12th and has been *under review* for almost a week now (i am clueless as to why but its changelog is included below).

Added requirement for vault (its necessary to have enabled on your server, but you don't need it to use the plugin [you can set all economic settings to $0])

Added some new config settings (more to come), and all data is now saved into a serverdata.bin file (not supposed to be touched), this will ensure no issues ever happen in the future. Also the villages.yml will only be for viewing purposes! I will add admin commands to modify villages etc. later.

Added World support (plugin will not do anything if the player is not in a valid world)

Added update notifier

Other minor modifications have been done and im currently working on plot claiming which is going well but ive commented it out for now since its missing alot of components

REMOVE ALL FILES, have fun testing and thank you very much for your support and participation xD

Version 0.3.2

A bunch of code is starting to be filled in. Actual commands are now ready for testing, these include:

  • /ec create village <name>
  • /ec apply <name>
  • /vil owner retire <name>
  • /vil owner promote <name>
  • /vil owner demote <name>
  • /vil owner abandon
  • /vil manage kick <name>
  • /vil manage applications
  • /vil accept <name>
  • /vil deny <name>
  • /vil member leave

I've also added the proper requirements to use these commands (permissions if they were not in the last version, and positions requirements such as owner for owner commands, and owner/manager for manage commands etc. There may be the odd thing i forgot to mention but also a little fixes throughout the code. Next version a few more new commands and other base config settings which will lead into plot claiming, buildings and then finally wars where it will be at a near release. (plot claiming, buildings, and wars will take weeks each to complete unless i get lucky and they all come together nicely :P)

If you get the error: Unsupported major.minor version 52.0, then you need to update your java to version 8

commands in change log NEEDS TESTING, plz ;D

To be discovered (by you guys xD, or me in testing :P)

My challenge for you, bring up an error message and then crash the plugin(continue with the commands thats just the base form