This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



  • Kiss, Hug, Wink, Lick, Punch, Poke and Slap your friends/partner
  • All messages are full configurable (ex. color codes)
  • Configurable cooldown
  • Runs out of the box
  • Particle support
  • light-weight and optimized Plug-in

Config is self explanatory. "%player%" will replaced with the player name!

Currently the following commands are supported:


  • Display some plug-in information
  • No permission required

/emoti reload

  • Reload the config file
  • Permission: emoti.reload

/kiss <player>

  • Kiss a other player!
  • If you stand close enough at your partner, particles will spawn. <3
  • Permission: emoti.kiss


  • Kiss everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.kissall

/hug <player>

  • Hug someone!
  • If you stand close enough at your partner, particles will spawn.
  • Permission: emoti.hug


  • Hug everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.hugall

/slap <player>

  • Slap someone
  • If you stand close enough at your friend, particles will spawn.
  • Permission: emoti.slap


  • Slap everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.slapall


  • Puke, range(0=global), effect and particle support
  • Permission: emoti.puke

/poke <player>

  • Poke somebody
  • Permission: emoti.poke


  • Poke everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.pokeall

/wink <player>

  • Wink somebody
  • Permission: emoti.wink


  • Wink at everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.winkall

/lick <player>

  • Lick somebody!
  • Permission: emoti.lick


  • Lick everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.lickall

/punch <player>

  • Punch somebody!
  • Permission: emoti.punch


  • Punch everyone!
  • Permission: emoti.punchall


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