Emotecraft bukkit

Warning, this is NOT a standalone plugin

This is Emotecraft (fabric) (forge) but as a Bukkit plugin.


To use it, you have to install Emotecraft client-side

but it won't kick players without Emotecraft.



Working with both Fabric and Forge clients.


If you are using a modded Bukkit server (Mohist for Forge, Cardboard for Fabric), use the mod version of Emotecraft.
If you use PaperMC, use this plugin. - both Fabric and Forge clients will work.

If you use Mohist, use Emotecraft Forge. - both Fabric and Forge clients will work, as long as no other mods make it impossible.


If you want commands, download Emotecraft Command Extension!


 Note: On Modrinth and Github there are "newer" versions of this plugin.
These are not different than the latest here (except for the version number)
these are just automatically released,

but here I upload manually. I'll update this if there is any change.


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