Elemental Armour


Elemental Armour

Have you ever found survival by itself boring? Lacked the effort to install mods? Element Armour is for you. With 16 new armour types, inspired by Avatar: the last air bender, each allowing you to control the elements. Here's a little heads up:


Shoot fire charge with your bare hands.

Swim in lava, like its nobody's business

Kick out a trail of fire by sneaking in mid-jump. 


Send water flying at your target

Be able to breathe in water. 

Skate along water by pressing crouch



Throw boulders!

Ground pound!



Hover above the ground, staying clear of low lying enemies

Blow them away too!






Element armour also adds 30 new mobs to the game. Here are some:


Invisible over 10 blocks away, but when you come in range, they can blind you and stop you from jumping.



Don't let this guy hit you, he will steal whatever you hold! (and don't expect to get it back)



A strange floating essence that seems to follow you... BOOM!


Lost Miner

A miner thats been stuck down there for too long, that he doesn't have any flesh left!


The Blood Hunt

Every new moon, you better watch out. Blood red rats, blood red bats, and Chasers are out to get you. so stay indoors, or you may get caught.





Our plugin does not have any permissions, yet but we are planning to add some



Elemental Armour doesn't add any new commands into the game, except (the outdated)


command, which was used to get info on the plugin.




We made a launcher: but we can't have that on this website, sorry ;(


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