Ego Battle

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Ego Battle

What is this?

Do you want to play an epic survival game with your friends? Then this is the perfect plugin for you.
It´s a survival-based PvP game with lots of features with multiworld support. You can also use it as an UHC plugin.
Will you be able able to survive and be the last one standing?

What does this do?

Once installed this game will provide you with a full-automatic game.
After setting the lobby and the location where the players will be teleported to when the game is finished it´s ready for a new game of Ego Battle.
When a player joins Ego Battle and there are enough players to start, a countdown will start.
Then the players get teleported to the spawn of a new random-generated map with the brand-new 1.8 border and they have to gather ressources now. For a customizable amount of time none of them can take damage. After the graceperiod ends, they can start to hunt each other.
The last player standing wins. If they don´t to kill each other or a player hides anywhere on the map after a customizable amount of time, the remaining players will be teleported into a deathmatch arena. They have ten seconds to spread out there and then the final battle begins.
In the unlikely case the players don´t fight, the match will end in a draw after some hours.

commands and permissions

/EgoBattle joinEgoBattle.playjoins the game
/EgoBattle leavenoneleaves the game
/EgoBattle stats [player]EgoBattle.statsdisplays a player´s stats
/EgoBattle info/EgoBattle infolists all commands
/EgoBattle setLobbyEgoBattle.setLobbyLocationsets the location where the players wait
/EgoBattle setAfterGameEgoBattle.setAfterGameLocationsets the location where the players will be teleported to when the game ends
noneEgoBattle.executeCommandsallows a player to bypass the blocking of commands


In the config.yml file in your plugins folder you can customise the plugin.

UseMinecraft1-7You could also use this plugin on a 1.7 server without a world border, but it´s not recommend.
minPlayersthe amount of players required for starting the game
maxPlayersthe maximum amount of players
Countdownthe countdown in seconds
Graceperiodhow long the graceperiod should last in minutes
Deathmatchafter how many minutes the deathmatch should start
Drawafter how many minutes the game should end
WorldSizehow long one side of the border should be
GenerateCustomStructuresnot supported yet, should be on false
AllowCommandswhether normal players should be allowed to use commands while playing Ego Battle
AllowMobswhether mobs should spawn or not
Drawafter how many minutes the game should end
UltraHardCoreYou can also play the game without natural regeneration.
NerfFallDamagewhether fall damage should be nerfed
NerfLavaDamagewhether lava damage should be nerfed


Just drag the .jar file into your plugins folder. Then (re-)start your server.


Recipes this add-on you can add custom crafting recipes to the game.

known issues

Sometimes a player leaving while being in a game of Ego Battle. If you find bugs, please send me a message.

Terms of Use

If you use it for your server, please build a little sign with a link to my YouTube channel( in the Ego Battle lobby. If you want to sell custom perks or permissions of my plugin on your server, please ask me before doing this.

Have fun!

Have fun with it!


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