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EggMob lets your players turn mobs into spawn eggs by means of splash potions. By default, only farm animals (passive mobs) are enabled and the Splash Potion of Weakness is used. The idea is to ease the process of transporting or trading animals and make them somewhat immune to griefing as well as administrative cleanups like the "butcher" command. Players can store their animals away and bring them back to life later or in another location.

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  • Mobs can be caught by means of a splash potion.
  • The type of potion to use can be configured. The default is the Splash Potion of Weakness.
  • Mobs that are hit by the potion will turn into a spawn egg, known from creative mode.
  • The spawn egg enables players to respawn the caught mob in any location they like.
  • It will not work on baby animals or tamed wolves.
  • Every creature in the game that has an associated spawn egg can be activated and deactivated for this plugin. The default only enables friendly mobs.
  • EggMob is simple: Both splash potions and spawn eggs are already in the vanilla version of the game. This plugin merely changes the functionality of the first and provides availability of the latter.

Intended use

Despite the introduction of persistent animals and animal breeding in beta 1.8 and 1.9, respectively, farm animals are still rather volatile on a multiplayer server. When they fall victim to griefers, contemporary logging tools tend to overlook the loss of farm animals. Server admins might occassionally remove all animals from the map to reduce lag. Animals have the tendency to glitch out of their holding cells. Other than that, moving animals to a new location is more than painful due to network lag and the overall buggy nature of both minecraft client and server. To solve this, EggMob provides players with the ability to store mobs in a safe place by turning them into an item.


EggMob comes with a reasonable default configuration, but many things can be changed via the config.yml file, including the type of potion that this plugin is supposed to use and the types of mobs that can be caught that way.

# The potion to use. Make sure that it is a splash potion and obtainable.
# Available potion effects:
# speed slow fast_digging slow_digging increase_damage heal harm jump confusion regeneration damage_resistance fire_resistance water_breathing invisibility blindness night_vision hunger weakness poison
potioneffect: weakness
# The minimum level of the potion.
minimum_level: 0
# The minimum strength of the splash effect. Must be between 0.0 and 1.0.
threshold: 0.0
# Enable or disable mobs. Names are taken from
# If players can catch this creature
        enabled: false
# What is the percentage of health do we switch from the hight health catch percentage to low health catch percentage
        catchpercentageswitch: 90
# When the creature has high health what is the catch percentage
        highhealthcatchpercentage: 20
# When a creature has low health what is the catch percentage
        lowhealthcatchpercentage: 80
        enabled: false
        catchpercentageswitch: 90
        highhealthcatchpercentage: 20
        lowhealthcatchpercentage: 80
        enabled: false
        catchpercentageswitch: 90
        highhealthcatchpercentage: 20
        lowhealthcatchpercentage: 80


  • Sheep cannot retain their wool color or state when turned into eggs.
  • Villagers cannot retain their job.


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